07 February 2019

Epok Berry Frost (Chew Bags) - Review. 7 February 2019.

Winnington/BAT, makers of Epok Snus and Lyft, have joined the growing Nordic Chew/"Chew Bag" category by releasing chew bag/chewing tobacco (or "tyggetobak", as the can says) versions of the Epok line. These products were recently released in Denmark, so a special thank to Jakob who hooked me up with these for review. They initially launched three products - Mint, Ice Cool Mint, and Berry Frost. I don't have much more as far as information goes; there's a website on the bottom of the can, Epok.dk, but as of today it still says "coming soon".  A few interesting things about this product.  First, the the strength.  Most regular strength Epok or Lyft products are 2/4, which is 8.5mg/g of nicotine.  This product is 1/4 strength, and it says "Mellow" on the can.  This is something new.  Second, the flavor.  Berry Frost is completely new, as this flavor doesn't exist in the Epok Snus or Lyft Nicotine Pouches line.

I don't see this for sale online anywhere, so I don't know what the flavor description is.  I know it comes in a 16.8 gram can with 24 portions for 0.7 gram portions.  Regular 2/4 strength Epok Snus is 8.5mg/g, and this 1/4.  This means it's going to be less strong than regular strength.

I won't go too in depth on the differences between snus and chew bags, but I did an in depth video on it if you want to learn more. Basically, these are products made the same was as snus, but called chew bags/chewing tobacco so they become legal for sale in the EU.  Looking at this comparison between Epok Snus and Epok Chew Bags, they don't look that much different.  The Epok Chew Bags are a little more white, and the portion material is a little thicker/more dry, but that's really the only differences I notice.  The white tobacco itself inside the pouch looks about the same.

This one has been a hard one to review. The aroma and flavor is very unique, and it's taken me some time to pen this review. I expected it to be a clone of Epok Blueberry, but it wasn't that.  The aroma most closely reminds me of a blend of blueberry and tropical fruit.  With "frost" in the name I expected a minty presence, but I didn't really notice one.  The portions themselves are slim, moderately soft to the touch, and pretty comfortable under the lip.  The flavor is pretty unique; I can taste a little blueberry, and then that tropical fruit flavor.  It reminds me of a blend of mango and guava.  I don't know if that's what it is, but to me that's what it tastes like.  The flavor lasts a pretty long time; I've been able to keep them in for up to an hour!  As far as the nicotine strength goes, it isn't lacking by any means.  It honestly feels similar to regular strength snus.

I enjoyed the flavor of this one, and found it to be pretty comparable to regular Epok Snus.  If you have access to this and can't get snus, give it a try!  As far as where to get it, as of the date of this article I've only seen one webshop that sells it - kioskenrodbyhavn.dk.  You can grab some from there!

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