23 August 2017

Granit Blue White - Preview. 23 August 2017.

With the popularity of Göteborg's Rapé, it makes sense more companies are making juniper snus products. We already have Knox Blue White by Skruf, Kapten Enbar by AG Snus, Phantom Blue by V2 Tobacco, Gustavus Slim Cut Blue by JTI/Nordic Snus AB, and Offroad Blue Selection by V2 Tobacco. Now it looks like Fiedler and Lundgren is getting into the juniper game, releasing Granit Blue White Portion. The flavor description says, "Granit Blue White is the latest in the Granit series. The white portions have a tangible taste of lavender, fresh citrus, natural bergamot and classic juniper berries."  It also comes in Granit's newest redesign, which is going into effect now.  Look for this product for sale soon at your favorite web store, and once I can get ahold of some I'll do a review!

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