28 January 2017

New GN Tobacco Products! 28 January 2017

GN Tobacco is kicking off 2017 with a bang! This year, they acquired partial ownership of Nordic American. They also already released Siberia Blue Slim White Portion, Clove Explosion White Portion and Clove Explosion White Dry. We are also eagerly awaiting the release of La Morenita Rum Snus. It appears as though GNT is looking forward to a big year in 2017! Today we discovered 2 new products and 1 redesign that they are preparing to release.  I don't have much information about these products so I'll update this article as I receive more information!

They posted this photo on their @OdensSnus Instagram account which shows a new product and one redesigned product. It look as though they are gearing up to release Oden's Cold White Portion and Oden's Lakrits White Portion.

Oden's Cold White Portion

This product appears to be a redesign.  Back in October of 2015 I reviewed Oden's Cold White Portion, so this looks to be a redesign that will be more in line with their other new white portion products such as Oden's Lemon White Portion and Oden's Mint White Portion.

Oden's Lakrits White Portion

This one I'm excited about, as it appears to be a regular strength snus. This looks to be a white portion, so as not to be confused with Oden's Lakrits White Dry. I'm a big fan of Oden's Lakrits (Regular Strength), so I'm looking forward to trying this. I rank the Oden's Lakrits flavor profile is in my top 3 licorice snus flavors on the market. I'm sure this one will be great!

Oden's Stark

They also posted this photo on their @OdensSnus Instagram account.  I'm not sure if this is going to be the regular Oden's flavor in a stark format, or if this will be a whole line of Oden's Stark products. In the past I reviewed Oden's Cold Stark, but that's the only GN Tobacco product I can recall that is listed as "Stark" and not "Extra Stark".  When I get more information about this product I'll update this article!

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