28 August 2016

Oden's Lemon (White Portion) - Review. 28 August 2016.

In the past, GN Tobacco focused heavily on white dry portion, but lately they've been expanding more into the white portion format. But what is most interesting about this product is the flavor: lemon. Lemon is a horribly underrepresented flavor in the snus world. The only lemon snus I can think of that is sold right now is Royal Lemon, but that's about it. So, when I heard that GN Tobacco was releasing a new lemon snus, I was quite excited about it!  This new product also comes with a new can design which looks really neat.  I'd say this is probably one of GN Tobacco's best looking cans outside of Islay Whisky Snus.

When you open the can, the aroma that comes through smells like the first cut into a fresh lemon. The aroma that comes through isn't too sweet and it isn't too tart, it smells like a fresh lemon. The white portions are very soft and feel quite comfortable in the lip. The flavor of this one is very mild and enjoyable. I don't taste any tobacco or any pepper, the predominant flavor in this one is lemon! The lemon taste does not come through in a tart way, nor does it come through in a sweet/candy-like way. The flavor is present in a very natural sense, it tastes much like fresh squeezed lemonade!  The nicotine strength on this one feels like regular strength, I would say it feels about on the 8mg/g level.

If you're a fan of lemon, this one is a must try!

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