06 December 2016

G3 by General - Redesign. 6 December 2016.

It appears as though the G3 by General line is getting a redesign. Swedish Match says,


The G.3 series gets an updated design. We have clarifyed the characteristics of the different products on the labels, which makes it easier to find what you are looking for. The contents of the cans is the same as before. The new design is gradually rolled out, starting in the end of November."

What I like about this redesign is that G3 Original (Normal Strength) is being renamed G3 Original (Strong) and G3 White (Normal Strength) is being renamed G3 White (Strong).  When I reviewed these a while back I remember finding it strange that they were called "normal strength" but were actually on the strong level of nicotine.  I am hopeful that we'll see a G3 released that is regular strength (8mg/g), because I find the G3 flavor to be better than the XRANGE flavor.

1 comment:

  1. Definitely an improvement on the last version but I still think the orange and black was best looking.