30 November 2016

Phantom Classic Los - Review (Discontinued). 30 November 2016.

NOTE:  Phantom and Offroad Original were discontinued in 2020.  They were merged into a new product, Offroad Classic.  That review is here.

Phantom Classic White Portion is a budget snus from V2 Tobacco. I've had some requests for me to revisit the Phantom line, so here we are! It's a pretty cheap snus, I see at Northerner.com it's priced at $2.75 per can. As far as Phantom goes, it is truly an interesting snus. I read on Northerner.com that this product contains "herbs and spices in it's tobacco blend, which contributes to a natural feeling and taste. The inspiration comes from an old approach and can be compared to snus that was first made in the 1700s." I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty cool to me. The flavor description for this snus says "Phantom Classic Loose has a traditional snus aroma with a slight peppery taste, and with hints of citrus". It comes in an 37g can with a nicotine strength of 8mg/g (0.8%).

When you open the can, the citrus aroma and tobacco aroma seem pretty well balanced. The tobacco smell is mild, and earthy. The citrus smell seems to be more lemon-y than anything. The tobacco itself is quite moist, and I find it bakes pretty easily in the hand.  In the taste, I notice the citrus flavor first, which is backwards because usually with loose I notice the tobacco taste first.  The tobacco flavor is pretty present, but it comes through in a mild, gentle way.  There also seems to be a mild herbal taste in the back, like I notice with the portion versions.  I find the snus stays packed in the lip for up to about 45 minutes, and the flavor lasts the whole time, as well.

Phantom Classic Loose is pretty solid.  It reminds me a lot of Granit Los, if you've ever had that one. But for the price tag, it's a pretty decent snus if you're looking to save some coin.

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