09 September 2016

New Offroad Products/Names - 9 September 2016.

V2 Tobacco is preparing to release two new mini portions in the Offload Lineup - Offroad Cool M (Original Mini) and Offroad Mel Oh (Original Mini). Offroad Cool M is the same flavor as Thunder Cool Mint and Offroad Mel Oh will have a melon flavor, similar to Thunder Melon.  These are set to launch soon!

Also, other Offroad products are being renamed due to laws about flavoring/naming products that V2 is complying with. Offroad Eucalyptus White Mini is becoming Offroad Euca White Mini. Offroad Lakrits Original Mini is becoming Offroad Liq+ Original Mini. Offroad Lakrits White Mini is becoming Offroad Liq+ White Mini. Offroad Apple White Mini is becoming Offroad Sweet A White Mini. Offroad Mint White Mini is becoming Offroad Smooth M White Mini. On the far right I see Offroad Gold White Mini, but I can't see the new name, the print is very small. It doesn't look like it's changing, as "gold" isn't a flavor. Well, you could eat gold, but I can't imagine it would taste good in a snus.  These names should be going into effect very soon, so keep an eye out for them!

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