20 November 2015

Göteborgs Rapé (White Mini) - Review. 20 November 2015.

I don't use many mini portions, so it makes sense that it's taken me a while to get around to reviewing this product. But I realize lots of people do use minis, so to make sure Snubie.com is complete with our reviews section, I wanted to catch up on the last mini products from Swedish Match that I haven't reviewed yet. I recently did an order from The Northerner so I threw in a few different mini products to review.
If you're not familiar with the Swedish Match mini cans, I wanted to put up a comparison pic to show the difference in size. The SM mini cans are much smaller than regular portion cans. Their quite small and easy to carry around. I don't want to say their designed with women in mind and insult men who use mini portions, because I know there's a lot of them out there, but I think the cans may have been designed with women in mind.  No offense intended to any men who use mini portions because I know a lot of guys who do use them for discretion purposes.

Goteborg's Rape is a snus with a great flavor. In 2013, when Swedish Match launched Goteborg's Rape Slim, the brand become a part of my daily usage. Also, for those of us who are Americans coming over from American "snus", it's also the brand that we mispronounce the most often. (If you're interested, I worked with a friend of mine to get a snus prounouciations video up on our YouTube channel that you can check out).  When you open a can of Goteborg's Rape White Mini, the aroma that comes through is the smell of juniper with a floral hint.  The taste is very unique and not something common in other brands.  The juniper taste can be a bit bitter/sour, but it's something that I personally enjoy.  There is a slight citrusy taste mixed in with a little floral/herbal hint in the background, and a mild taste of salt.  It's a pretty complex flavor and one that I suggest anyone try if you haven't yet - it's one of my favorites.

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