26 September 2015

Thunder Wintergreen (White Portion) - (Discontinued) Review. 26 September 2015.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued by V2 Tobacco as of 4/26/2018.

It's been noted before that I'm not the biggest fan of Wintergreen snus products. To date, there's only one wintergreen snus I've ever ordered multiple times, and that's Oden's Extreme Creamy Wintergreen. But, as there are many dippers and American consumers coming over to Swedish Snus from American "dip"/Moist Snuff, I try to cover all these wintergreen products. I recently did an order from Snus24.com and threw in a can of this for review.  Honestly, it's been a few years since I've had this snus.  I know there are a lot of folks out there who enjoy the wintergreen taste, but want it in a white portion - so this may be one to check out!  The can looks like a regular Thunder can, but it has a white trim around the bottom to differentiate it from original portion Thunder products.  V2 Tobacco still hasn't embraced the larger catch lid yet, so this one has the old style small catch lid.  

When you open a can of Thunder Wintergreen White, the aroma that comes through is a straight up wintergreen smell. There's a slight sweetness to it, much like a wintergreen gum.  The pouches come a little uneven, with the tobacco concentrated on one side of the pouch, so a little fluffing helps make them more even.

The flavor is more mild than in Thunder Wintergreen (Original Portion), however.  The taste is definitely a straight forward wintergreen taste, but it's not as in your face as with the original portion version of Thunder Wintergreen.  Being a Thunder Extra Strong product, it does have a solid nicotine kick, but it comes on a little more steady than the original portion version, and the flavor and nicotine lasts a little longer.  If you're a fan of wintergreen snus, but want a more mild flavor - this may be a good one for you to check out!

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