23 August 2013

Lab Fresh Reviews: Mint, Cool Mint, and Lemon (Discontinued). 23 August 2013.

All three Lab Fresh products have been discontinued and are no longer for sale.

Recently I previewed the new Lab Fresh line, a product line designed a little different from the Lab Series of the past. The product description of this new line says, "A fresh snus experience from the moment they open the can until the end of the snus journey. A slim and non-drip pouch. A hint of fresh flavors. The Lab Fresh promises to deliver The Freshest snus experience on the market. A further developed non-drip formula giving an even better non-drip bag. The slimmest and softest pouch ever. Mild flavors added. Sensory features of cooling and tingeling. Free from tobacco taste." Why anyone would want tobacco with no tobacco taste is beyond me. I imagine this line is specifically for women, given the description. The can says, "This is The LAB Fresh experience. Mild flavored, slim fit, non-drip soft bag, SNUS redefined. Again." Not sure why SNUS is in all caps, maybe a poke at RJR's American "SNUS" product, Camel "SNUS".

This is the one I was most excited to try. There aren't many snuses with a lemon flavor, the only ones I can think of are Offroad Original Los and General Onyx. The description of this snus says, "A fresh, light, zesty hint of lemon with a tingeling effect in a non-drip, slim fit, soft bag." The aroma is a sour lemon smell, very simple, no tobacco hints or anything. The portions are the usual long white format, very soft to the touch. There is a slight tingle associated with the snus, and the flavor is quite nice. A very light lemon taste, it's quite unique, I've never had anything like it. If you're a fan of the classic Swedish snus taste, this would be one to check out - it's a very different take on the citrus flavor profile.

This snus is described as "Light minty taste with a fresh cooling effect in a non-drip, slim fit, soft bag snus." The aroma is much like Cool Mint, a peppermint aroma, but not as bold. The portions are the long white format, very soft to the touch. Like Cool Mint, there is an immediate cooling sensation and tingling as soon as you put the portion into your lip. The nicotine hit isn't as strong, and this one tastes like a little blend of peppermint and natural mint oil. It's a mellow mint flavor, not as bold as Cool Mint, with no tobacco flavor in the background and a mellow salt balance enhancing the flavor.

This snus is described as, "Strong non-drip snus with a fresh cooling mint effect and a light mint taste in a slim fit, soft bag." The aroma of "Cool Mint" is very distinctly Peppermint. The portions are the usual long format of the Lab Series, and very soft to the touch. As soon as you put a portion in your lip the immediate cooling sensation mentioned earlier comes through along with a very slight tingle. This one is listed as "Strong", so the nicotine content is slightly stronger than the other two. The taste is very simple, peppermint without any tobacco flavor in the background and a mellow salt balance enhancing the mint flavor. The flavor is long lasting, and doesn't drip, as promised on the can graphic.
6 March 2015 Update:

These products no longer come in the star formation, as pictured above.

This is how they come now.  The product quality and the flavor have not changed, just how the portions come in the can.

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