Lab Series redesign and new products for 2013. 12 August 2013.

In 2009, the news about "The Lab Series" was one of my first articles I wrote for "When Swedish Match asked the consumers what they thought about brands, the responses were clear: "Brands? We don't need any brands. We want snus." And since the responses were taken seriously, there are no actual logos on The Lab Series. Simply naming the different snus variations 01 for the original version and 02 for a stronger snus. Swedish Match also launched 05 Strong White Portion and 06 Extra Strong Portion in September 2011, and 07 White Extra Strong Long Portion in the summer of 2012." The Lab Series has since become the "no brand, brand". Now, they've moved away from "The Lab Series" and simplified it to "The Lab" with a new retro 70's looking logo.

Now they are adding on to The Lab with the new "The Lab: Fresh". Some new products which I believe are designed for women. These new products were created with some new standards in mind to meet consumer demand. "A fresh snus experience from the moment they open the can until the end of the snus journey. A slim and non-drip pouch. A hint of fresh flavors. The Lab Fresh promises to deliver The Freshest snus experience on the market. A further developed non-drip formula giving an even better non-drip bag. The slimmest and softest pouch ever. Mild flavors added. Sensory features of cooling and tingeling. Free from tobacco taste." And with that, three new products.

The Lab Fresh: Cool Mint Strong Slim White
"Strong non-drip snus with a fresh cooling mint effect and a light mint taste in a slim fit, soft bag."

The Lab Fresh: Lemon Slim White
"A fresh, light, zesty hint of lemon with a tingeling effect in a non-drip, slim fit, soft bag."

The Lab Fresh: Mint Slim White
"Light minty taste with a fresh cooling effect in a non-drip, slim fit, soft bag snus."