Nick & Johnny Strong Portion - Review (Discontinued). 9 October 2011.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

When Swedish Match launched the Nick and Johnny East/West line, they said, "When surveys were done among tobacco users Swedish Match discovered that it was one group that occasionally uses tobacco but do not feel like the picture of the snus user are visualizes today. They do not appreciate the traditional way of looking at snus, they have no product to identify themselves with and therefore was snus not a real alternative. For them has Swedish Match now released the new Nick (& Johnny)." That's very fitting of what I feel the N&J brand is about - Nick & Johnny snus was kinda like the original Lab Series - a different type of snus and a different type of brand. Something different. Looking back on it, I've had this numerous times since I started snusing but have never got around to reviewing it.

The flavor description of Nick and Johnny Strong from BuySnus says, "This new product has a strong and full tobacco taste and the nicotine content is about 40 percent higher than traditional products. Nick and Johnny has an original, modern design."   Nick and Johnny has a very unique aroma that you won't find in any other snus. It's a rich tobacco aroma with an earthy/leather like quality and this little smoky thing going on. This aroma translates really well to the flavor. This snus doesn't have any citrus flavor to speak of - just a rich tobacco flavor with an earthy/leathery flavor. There's a nice salt balance going on and a little smokey undertone. Nick & Johnny is a really great tasting snus. I throw it on my order from time to time - I find it akin to Grov Black or General Onyx - it's a great tasting snus but not one I'd want to use all the time, as I'd kick myself if I had the flavor turn on me.