General Green Harvest Review. (Discontinued) 24 August 2011

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Of all the new snuses I've heard about, General Green Harvest is the one I've been the most excited about. When I previewed it a few weeks ago, I mentioned the product description from Swedish Match went as follows, "General Green Harvest is the world's only snus that is grown by certified tobacco farmers without pesticides or chemical fertilizers." The taste description I read sounded reminiscent of General White Portion which I've always been a fan of, so I was anxiously anticipating this one to see just what it had to offer. I really like the can, slick white with the General logo that's been used lately on the General Long and General Long Sterk cans. I've always been a fan of white cans, it's one of my favorite things about Skruf - the slick white can. Very classy. Anthony said on his blog, "Chicks will think you’re all sensitive and whatnot when you tell them about your all-natural snus."

The portions are arranged in the usual star formation - typical of Swedish Match snus. The portions also look a lot like General White portions. The aroma is also very similar to General White portion - a mellow citrus aroma with little floral notes in the background. The taste is where it began to differ. General Green Harvest has a very present citrus taste, but doesn't seem to have as much of a salt or pepper taste as General White does. Don't get me wrong, there is a nice salt balance and notes of pepper in the background, but that don't seem as present as in General White portion. The taste mellows out very quickly and is balanced out nicely with a earthy/natural flavor that reminds me a lot of General Long Portion. This snus has the classic General recipe, but it seems like it's more balanced in certain aspects - more mellow in others. All in all, a good new release from Swedish Match. As it is limited, if you want some and enjoy it - you might want to buy a little extra because it remains to be seen if this will be kept around. I'm hoping sales permit and it stays, as this could be the gateway to a whole new line of natural/organic snus. Ettan or Grov Natural anyone?

For more info on Green Harvest, check out - it's a neat little video from Swedish Match about it. A Swedish member on SnusOn translated it as follows, "The Amish people produces it without any machines, electricity or chemicals like they did over 100 years ago. In August they harvest the tobacco and during winter they ship it to Sweden. The tobacco is described as robust, with an fruity, sweet and kind of floral aroma."