Rush Nicotine Pouches - Review. 1 February 2024.

The folks at Dholakia Tobacco in India have added another new nicotine pouch range to their growing family.  Today, we're checking out Rush!  Note, these are not the same as their Rush Nicotine Pouches I reviewed back in 2021.  This appears to be a different version.  The original Rush still appears to be sold, so this is just a different version of it made by the same people.  I think the older ones may be US market focused and these newer ones are more international market focused.  We have three flavors to check out today, Cherry Burnout, Boost Mint, and Grape Fuel.  Very Fast and Furious type stuff here.  All of these weigh in at 14 grams total, and have 20 pouches in each can, weighing 0.7 grams each.  The nicotine content is 30mg/g, hence the 30 on the can.  With the 0.7g pouch weight that breaks down to 21mg per pouch.  Before we get into the reviews, I'm going to cover what they have in common, then in the reviews we'll cover their main differences:  aroma and flavor.

Pouch - The pouches are pretty soft to the touch.  They have a solid moisture amount, and are pretty comfortable under the upper lip.  No complaints here!
Nicotine Strength - At 21mg/pouch, these are pretty stout.  I'd put the kick around the extra strong level.  It hits pretty quickly, and feels pretty strong!
Flavor Longevity - The flavor lasts a good amount of time on all of these.  I found a solid 40-45 minutes of life with each pouch.

Now with all that out of the way, let's get into the reviews!

Rush Grape Fuel

Flavor Description:  "taste of grape"

Review:  Opening up the can, I notice a pretty gentle, mild aroma of grape.  It's not mega sweet, which is a nice touch.  In the flavor, it's a pretty mild, natural grape flavor.  It's slightly sweet, but not overdone.  All in all, it's pretty gentle in the flavor department, which I like.

Rush Cherry Burnout

Flavor Description:  "taste of cherries"

Review:  In the aroma department, this one is pretty present!  I pick up a nice cherry aroma.  It is subtly sweet, and not overdone there.  In the flavor, it's a pretty straightforward taste of cherry.  It's present, and lightly sweet.  It's a pretty tasty pouch!

Rush Boost Mint

Flavor Description:  "intense taste of fresh mint"

Review:  When I open the can, I pick up a pretty icy mint aroma.  It's a straightforward peppermint aroma, with a little menthol in the back.  It has a little sweetness to it, but not overly sweet.  The pouch yields a little cooling sensation under the upper lip, due to the mint flavor profile.  The taste is pretty decent.  The mint is present, icy, and quite refreshing.  To me, it seems to be a pretty even mix of peppermint and menthol.  

Rating and Final Thoughts

All in all, not bad products!  They were a bit too strong for me, but the flavors were pretty good.  If you like really strong products, you'll probably enjoy these.  The cherry one came out on top at 3.17/5.  Followed up by the grape one at 3.08/5, then the mint one at 3/5.  If you like stronger products, I'd say go for these.  The flavors were top notch!

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