Zeo Nicotine Pouches - Review. 28 January 2024.

I've had a lot of people asking me about these Zeo Nicotine Pouches.  I had to check around but was able to find some of them to check out.  Zeo is a new-ish line that has been popping up in the US market.  They're made in Canada, and come in a wide array of flavors and nicotine strengths.  Today, I have 7 of their flavors to check out, so this will be quite the adventure for us!  What's different about Zeo is that they put 25 pouches in each can, more than most do!  However, each can weighs 10.8g, so these pouches will be pretty light, at 0.43 grams each.  Zeo comes in a lot of different strengths, 3mg, 4mg, 6mg, 9mg, and 12mg, which I'll touch on in just a moment.  In this review, to not be redunant, I'm going to cover the commonalities amongst the products, such as the pouch feel, the flavor longevity, the nicotine release all of that.  Then in the reviews we'll cover where they differ, which is mainly going to be the aroma and flavor area.

Pouch/Mouthfeel:  These pouches are a little lighter in weight, so they're going to feel light in the lip.  I find them to be pretty soft to the touch, however, with a moderate moisture amount to them.
Flavor Longevity:  These all seem to hover between 30-40 minutes, on average, of flavor longevity.

Nicotine Strengths (mg per pouch):
3mg - this one I didn't find on their site, but I found a can that had a 3mg strength so I'm not sure if they still make it.  This one was pretty light, though.  I didn't feel much from it.  
4mg - this one is like the 3mg one and is pretty light in strength.  I didn't get much from it, but I know a lot of people like this strength level.
6mg - this one was a little below the regular strength level, and had a moderate strength to it.  
9mg - this strength is closest to the "regular strength" level, and where I found the most enjoyment.
12mg - this one was a little stronger than regular strength, and has some extra kick to it.  Not too much, but a little more than average.  

Now that all that is covered, let's get into the reviews!  

(NOTE:  These designs are different from what I see on their website now, so what you get if you order may be different.)

Zeo Wintergreen Ice

Flavor Description:  "a unique blend of bold and invigorating notes of wintergreen with a refreshingly icy twist"

Review:  Opening the can, I notice a smooth, but minty wintergreen aroma.  The flavor is pretty interesting on this one.  It's a light spearmint that has just a little wintergreen mixed in to it.

Zeo Watermelon Wave

Flavor Description:  I could not find one online for this product.

Review:  In the aroma department, this one has a mild, but lightly sweet smell of watermelon to it.  In the flavor, the watermelon taste is pretty gentle.  It's on the milder side, and has a light sweetness to it.

Zeo Pineapple Tropic

Flavor Description:  I could not find one online for this product.

Review:  I like tropical tastes, so I was pretty excited about this one.  In the aroma, I pick up a little pineapple, some coconut, and some mango.  It's lightly sweet, but not overly sweet.  The flavor on this one is really good.  I pick up a little mango at first, followed up with some pineapple.  There's a hint of coconut, as well.  I really dig the taste of this one.

Zeo Mint Breeze

Flavor Description:  "a balanced mint profile that is herbal, sweet, and fresh"

Review:  This one was interesting.  When I opened the can, I swear it smells like the old Camel Frost "Snus" sold in America.  The aroma of this one is a lightly sweet, aroma of spearmint to it.  The flavor is very much the same.  It has a sweet, spearmint flavor to it that reminds me a lot of spearmint gum.  It's not bad.

Zeo Menthol Evergreen

Flavor Description:  "a harmonious fusion of icy menthol and the natural essence of evergreen
Aroma - sweet menthol, maybe some spearmint, kinda piney

Review:  The aroma of this one was pretty interesting and complex.  It started off with a lightly sweet menthol, followed up with spearmint.  It's got an almost pine-like smell to it, too.  In the flavor, I pick up some spearmint up front, followed up with a little menthol.  It's lightly sweet, and semi-herbal.  There's also a slight touch of pine in the mix.  This one was quite interesting!

Zeo Classic Tobacco

Flavor Description:  I could not find one online for this product.

Review:  Making a tobacco flavored nicotine pouch is hit and miss.  Nobody has got it right yet.  Some have been close, but I still haven't found one that has that tobacco taste to it.  This one has an aroma that is slightly sweet, and a little peppery.  It almost seems to have a little wood in the aroma.  In the flavor, I notice it to be a little earthy and peppery.  I pick up a touch of wood, and a little sweetness.  It's interesting, but doesn't taste like tobacco.

Zeo Berry Moonlight

Flavor Description:  I could not find one online for this product.

Review:  I liked this one.  The aroma is pretty fruity!  It's berry, and seems to be a mix of raspberry and blackberry.  In the flavor profile, I pick up a mild berry taste.  It has a gentle sweetness to it, and seems to be, again, a mix of raspberry and blackberry.  I like fruity flavored products on occasion, and I liked the mild presence of fruits in this one.  And, the fact that it wasn't overbearingly sweet or artificial tasting was pretty nice.

Rating and Final Thoughts

You can check out my full ratings below.  Of the products I tried, the ones I liked the most were Pineapple Tropic (3.25/5) and Berry Moonlight (3.25/5).  Following those was Wintergreen Ice (3.17/5), Menthol Evergreen (3.08/5), Watermelon Wave (3.08/5), Classic Tobacco (3/5), and Mint Breeze (3/5).  All in all, not a bad product line.  I think these are better than a lot of what is available in the US.  There are some decent flavors, and a wide array of nicotine strengths.  Oh, in my rating below, I just did a rough average of nicotine effect, since there are so many.  I prefer 9mg on this line, but you may prefer something different.

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