Lyft Black Currant (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 26 May 2023.

I'm a big fan of black currant.  Ever since Catch Black Currant back in 2012, this is a flavor I always look for in a smokeless product.  Skruf Cassice kinda scratched that itch for a while, but I've been wanting one without mint/menthol in the flavor.  Well, BAT in Sweden has finally met the need and released Lyft Black Currant.  Yes, a black currant flavored product without mint!  I recently grabbed a few cans of this and have been really enjoying it.  The flavor description for this one says, "A juicy and sweet, sour flavor of fresh black currants".  Each can weighs 16.1 grams and has 23 pouches for 0.7g each.  The nicotine content is 10mg/portion, which would be 14.28mg/g in total.  Though, the nicotine per portion is what matters because that's what you experience when you use it.

So, when I opened the can, it was nice to not get any mint with this one.  Just black currant!  I've been waiting since 2012 for a smokeless product to come out that had a straightforward black currant taste.  It took over a decade, but someone finally did it!  It's a pretty nice aroma, with a little sweetness to it.  The pouches are slim, moderately moist, with a nice feel under the upper lip.  The flavor is where this one shines.  It's a straightforward, lightly sweet taste of black currant.  No mint, no menthol, no nonsense.  I was pretty impressed with the taste.  The nicotine strength feels about regular, maybe just a hair above.  It's not too much, but maybe kicks a little over the regular mark.  The flavor hangs out a good 40-45 minutes, on average!

Rating and Final Thoughts

All in all, a pretty tasty pouch!  I rated the flavor on this one at a 4, which is pretty high for me as far as nicotine pouches go.  Overall, it sits at a 3.66/5.  Again, for a nicotine pouch, that's a pretty high score for me!  So, definitely one that was worth the wait.  Do I wish it was a snus with tobacco in it?  Well, yes, of course.  But, I think people who use nicotine pouches will really enjoy this one.  I don't use a lot of nicotine pouches myself, but I will definitely be buying a few more cans of this in the future!

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