Offroad X Arctic Xplorer (White Dry) - Review. 12 April 2023.

Back in 2017, Swedish Match purchased V2 tobacco, and has gradually been killing off products produced by V2.  They completely eliminated the Thunder Snus line, and the Phantom Snus line.  They did allow the Offroad brand to continue, though only with a few products.  One of which is this one, Offroad X Arctic Xplorer.  It's funny, this is the third time I reviewed this one.  I reviewed it in 2016, when it launched.  Then, I reviewed it in 2019, shortly after it went to 20 portions in the can.  Now, I'm reviewing the "new version" of this one.  This one previously sat at 45mg/g (4.5%) of nicotine, or 29.25mg/portion.  The strength has since been lowered!  Now, it's 26mg/g (2.6%), or 18.2mg/portion.  The can contents sit at 14 grams, and there are 20 portions in the can, meaning 0.7g portions.  As far as a flavor description for this one goes, it says "A spicy tobacco character with clear hints of mint and menthol".  Now, let's check it out!

As far as the aroma and flavor goes, this one has remained relatively unchained.  The main difference now is the nicotine strength.  When you open the can, you'll encounter a present, lightly sweet mint aroma.  I pick up a mild tone of peppermint, along with a dab of menthol in the mix.  The portions are the white dry format.  They're semi-soft, and deliver a cooling presence when you put one under the lip.  In the flavor profile, I notice a simple peppermint flavor.  It's mild, gentle, and lightly sweet.  There's a mild, earthy tobacco flavor in the background you'll notice the longer you have a portion under the lip.  The nicotine on this one is pretty strong, and delivers an extra strong kick.  Not as strong as before, but it still kicks!  The flavor lasts well over an hour, due to the white dry portion format.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I wasn't doing a rating system the last time I had this, so I can't compare ratings.  I put it at 3.5/5.  However, I can say that it doesn't seem too different from the last time I had it, going off of memory and reading my last review.  It isn't as strong as it used to be, but I think that's a good thing.  Snus these days is getting way too strong as it is, so it's nice that they actually lowered the strength on a product.  You don't see that happening, so that's pretty neat!

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