Cannadips Root Beer (CBD Pouches) - Review. 4 November 2022.

It sounds like every time I turn around, the folks at Cannadips have dropped a new flavor.  Just today I reviewed 9 new SKUs in the Cannadips family.  This one, however, was the one I was most excited about.  This is a new release in their Case Collection, and it has the intriguing flavor of Root Beer.  The Case Collection is named after Cannadips co-founder Case Mandel, hence the name.  From the Cannadips website, this is how they describe it:  "When you think of classic sodas, you can't miss the distinct flavor of our newest Case Collection release: Rustic Root Beer. This Made in America classic has been a favorite amongst many since the 1800’s and we are happy to bring it to you in a convenient pouch.   Originally called “Root Tea”, the name was changed to “Root Beer” to better market the product to coal miners in Pennsylvania. While you don't need to be a coal miner to enjoy the flavor, it sure is satisfying to throw in one of these pouches during or after a hard day's work".  Each can weighs 8.25g, and has 15 pouches, for a weight of 0.55g per pouch.  The CBD content is 10mg/pouch.

As a big lover of root beer, I was quite excited to try this one.  But also curious if they'd get the flavor right.  It's a challenging flavor, to say the least.  When I opened the can, yep, sure enough, it smells like root beer.  So far, so good!  The pouch is the usual Cannadips pouch.  It is semi-dry, and pretty soft to the touch.  It feels nice under the lip.  As it gets more moist, it does soften up, and the flavor starts to release.  The flavor is quite good.  They definitely capture the flavor of root beer.  It's sweet, and present.  Definitely impressed.  In the flavor longevity I find it to last about an hour, sometimes a little bit more, which is comparable to most Cannadips products.  The CBD content is satisfactory, which is something I always enjoy when using this line.  It's a big reason I keep going back to Cannadips over other CBD pouches on the market.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I was pretty impressed with this one.  They nailed the root beer flavor profile.  I rated it at 4.54/5.  From top to bottom, a great taste, and a beautiful experience.  If you're a root beer drinker, you're definitely going to want to give this one a go.  

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