W.E. Garrett & Son's Scotch Snuff (Nasal Snuff) - Review. 10 May 2022.

I started using nasal snuff over a decade ago, but I've never really reviewed it until recently.  I've always been partial to certain brands, but now that I review it I've been branching out and trying more types of snuff.  I've mostly been doing snuff products from Europe but I've had some requests to check out some American stuff, particularly American scotch snuffs.  So, today we're talking about an American Snuff Co product:  W.E. Garrett and Son's Scotch Snuff!  I recently acquired this one, along with some others, from a local tobacco store here in Arkansas.  They cost around $15 a can, but they're a little bigger than the European snuff cans, so it about equals out.  There's not much info out there about these, but I was able to find a flavor description on MrSnuff.com that describes the taste like so:  "Smoky tobacco with hints of wood".  Each container is 1.15oz, or 32.6g (about as much weight as a can of American dip).  The side label on the can says it contains 68% US tobacco and 32% imported tobacco.

Now, for a little snuff history!  This is an older brand of snuff; I've been able to find advertisements for it from back in 1930.  W.E. Garrett and Son's was founded back in 1851, however since 1900 it's been under the American Snuff Co label.  Note, American Snuff Co is the manufacturer of Grizzly and Kodiak American Moist Snuff/Dip.  If you're not familiar with "Scotch" snuff, don't feel bad, I wasn't either.  I found some posts on Snuffhouse that shine some light on the origin/history of this type of snuff.  One post mentions that this goes back to the Scots use of snuff.  It is also noted that the Scots liked their snuff dry and fine, which is what this one clearly is.  Another post mentions that Scotch Snuff is made a certain way, and uses darker leaves and stems with deep flavors.  These tobaccos are fire-cured, which yields the smoky taste.

When you open the can you'll see that it's filled to the brim with tobacco goodness!  When you open the can, this one has a rustic, robust tobacco aroma.  It is quite smoky, much like a good barbecue, and has notes of wood.  This reminds me a lot of a natural American dip, honestly.  This one is dry, and fine, and I find it pretty easy to take.  I prefer a more dry/fine nasal snuff, personally.  It's pretty heavily smoky in the nose, much like a good barbecue.  The tobacco base is rustic, and robust.  There are some wood notes that kick around in the mix, as well, perhaps some oak or hickory.  I get a little drip with this one, but no major throat hit.  The nicotine level is on the moderate side, not too strong, not too weak.  In the after-effect, I notice a little smokiness tends to linger about, it's pretty nice!

Rating and Final Thoughts

Going into this, I wasn't sure what to expect.  Most times, European tobacco products are way better than American ones.  However, I was pretty impressed with this one, and the other US snuffs I recently found.  This one, in particular, was my favorite of all the US snuffs I recently purchased.  This one rated at 3.67/5.  I'll definitely be finishing this tin, and will most likely buy more in the future!  I found it pretty easily in my state, so if you're in the South, you may be able to find it.  I see it more often in specialty pipe and cigar shops.  But, nasal snuff is pretty common where I live.  If you enjoy American dip, you'll like this one.  It has that rich, smoky tobacco character to it, much like with a "natural" American dip!