Kayak Grape Long Cut (American Moist Snuff/Dip) - Review. 9 May 2022.

Over the past year, I've been getting Snubie back to basics - focusing on more tobacco products and less non-tobacco products.  That means diving into the world of American moist snuff, or, dip.  Granted, I'm a snus guy, and I don't really use dip, but I love tobacco and it's fine to try new things.  Today we're checking out one that I've heard talked about a lot in the dip community:  Kayak Grape Long Cut.  This is a product by Fat Lip Brands (Swisher).  This is a new-ish brand.  I'm not sure when it launched, the earliest record I have for it is back in 2005, but I suspect it launched before that.  This particular flavor launched in October, 2007.  I've heard this one kinda joked about over the years, but you know me, I'll try anything, so I figured it was time to give this one a go.  

The product description for this one says, "Embrace a flavor burst with Long Cut Grape - 100% American-grown tobacco blended with delectable, "Fresh-off-the-vine" grape flavor".  Each can weighs in at the usual 1.2oz, or 34.02 grams.  The nicotine content I found online for Kayak puts it at 11.9mg/g.  The can's side label says this one contains 100% US tobacco.

So, a little spoiler alert, this one isn't as bad as it's reputation would lead you to believe.  I've heard people make fun of this one, but honestly, it's not that bad.  In the aroma, it smells a lot like grape bubble gum.  There's a little tobacco presence.  It's slightly smoky, but not as smoky as other dip products I've had.  The long cut tobacco is soft, moist, and easy to pinch and pack.  I go in the upper lip, since I'm a snus guy.  Less drip, and longer lasting flavor.  In the flavor profile it's a sweet, grape bubble gum type of flavor.  There's a mild, smoky, earthy tobacco base in the background as well.  It's a pretty interesting flavor, I've never had anything that tastes like this one.  The nicotine level feels to be about regular, and I find the flavor to hang out for about 30-40 minutes, a little shorter than most.

Rating and Final Thoughts

So, at the end of the day, this one honestly wasn't all that bad.  I rated int 3.5/5.  Is it something I'd use all the time, or something I could see being a favorite?  Probably not.  But it's something I could see as being a can here and there type of product, something to mix things up a bit.  The grape flavor was interesting, I just wish it had a little more tobacco presence.  Honestly, that would make this one top notch.  But, as it sits, not a bad product.  I'm glad I finally decided to give this one a go.  

Disclaimer:  I'm still a snus guy.  If you're looking to switch from smoking to a safer form of smokeless tobacco, I still encourage Swedish Snus being that option.  In my opinion, Swedish Snus is the most enjoyable, safest oral smokeless tobacco product available.  Dip is a fun excursion from time to time, but I still encourage snus usage over dip usage.  If you want to learn more about Swedish Snus, you can check out our Snus FAQ here, or this informative video about snus, here.


  1. I wish I could find a contact number for this company. I bought a can of the Kayak long cut straight and it was not moist like stated. Tasted terrible. Store clerk would not refund me since I opened the can. $2.99 + tax down the drain. Only reason I purchased this brand because they were out of Grizzly which is what I usually dip. 4th July weekend emptied out everything everywhere in town

    1. Contact Swisher and complain, they'll send you some 50cent off coupons for Kayak and Creek. I also got a stack of $2.50 off coupons for their dry snuff for complaining about an out of date can, too. just go to www.swisher.com and go to contact, they're good about responding. Sorry bud, I just bought a can of Kayak Grape today w/a coupon and it's old but it tastes fine and is still moist.

  2. I bought a can of kayak long cut straight, or so I thought. I open the can and it was fine cut. I did tell the store clerk. So I bought my next can at another store with the same results. I said the hell with this and decided to change brands all together. Think I’ll just quit it all. By the way, I did use those two cans and hated every bit of it! By way, thanks for helping me quit.


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