Grizzly Dark Wintergreen (Pouches) American Snuff/Dip - Review. 19 April 2022.

Last year, I decided to start reviewing more tobacco products (those other than snus).  Yes, I am still a snus guy.  And yes, I still think Swedish Snus is the best, highest quality, and safest smokeless tobacco product on the market.  However, as a lover of all things tobacco, I decided to dive into the world of American moist snuff/dip.  Also, I wanted to do it because no one is really writing detail oriented reviews like this, so it helps add to the historical record.  Today, we're checking out one by American Snuff Co (a Reynolds company):  Grizzly Dark Wintergreen Pouches!  Grizzly launched in 2001, with this line coming in 2015.  It would relaunch in 2019 with a new design.  The flavor description says, "Experience Grizzly Dark Wintergreen Pouches. Premium 100% dark-fired American tobacco in a moist, comfortable pouch that lets the rich dark flavor come through".  Each can weighs 0.84oz, or 23.94 grams.  There are 18 pouches in the can, weighing in at 1.33 grams each.  The nicotine content for Grizzly ranges between 10.3-11.2mg/g.  The can also notes that this one has 100% US tobacco.

NOTE:  Traditionally, people put dipping tobacco and dip pouches in the lower lip.  However, I'm a snus guy, so I usually put mine in the upper lip.  It means less spit, so you get a longer lasting flavor, and a more enjoyable experience, in my opinion.

A preface, I'm not usually the biggest wintergreen fan.  However, I've been impressed with the "dark wintergreen" flavor profile.  Honestly, it makes me want to make a snus with a similar flavor.  But, that may come later.  In the aroma, this one has a present smell of wintergreen.  But, as the name notes, it's darker and not as sweet.  I also detect a rich tobacco presence, along with hints of smoke, and wood.  The pouches are big and plump, dark, and moist!  They fill out the lip quite well.  In the flavor profile, wintergreen is present, but it's very well balanced out by a dark, rich tobacco character.  It's pretty smoky in presence, and some wood notes come through that work quite well in the flavor profile.  In terms of strength, it feels to be about the regular level.  The flavor lasts between 45 and 50 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

Take it from someone who isn't usually a big wintergreen fan - this is probably one of the best wintergreen flavors I've had so far.  I rated it at 3.67/5.  That may sound low, but for a wintergreen rating for me, that's pretty high.  The dark tobacco base really rounds out and balances the flavor of wintergreen with this one. If you like, or don't like, wintergreen, this one is definitely one you'll want to check out.


  1. Quality Control needs to do more quality checks. Too many pouches not sewn. May switch brands


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