Copenhagen Wintergreen (Pouches) American Snuff/Dip - Review. 19 April 2022.

Last year, I decided to start reviewing more tobacco products (those other than snus).  Yes, I am still a snus guy.  And yes, I still think Swedish Snus is the best, highest quality, and safest smokeless tobacco product on the market.  However, as a lover of all things tobacco, I decided to dive into the world of American moist snuff/dip.  Also, I wanted to do it because no one is really writing detail oriented reviews like this, so it helps add to the historical record.  Today, we're checking out one by USST (an Altria company):  Copenhagen Wintergreen Pouches!  While the Copenhagen brand launched in 1822, this is a newer one, having launched in 2011.  The flavor description says, "All the hardworking taste of Copenhagen Wintergreen. All the convenience of a moist pouch".  Each can weighs 0.82 oz (23.25g), and has 15 pouches, at 1.55 grams each.  The nicotine content I found listed online is 11.2mg/g.  The side of the can notes that this one has 100% US tobacco.

NOTE:  Traditionally, people put dipping tobacco and dip pouches in the lower lip.  However, I'm a snus guy, so I usually put mine in the upper lip.  It means less spit, so you get a longer lasting flavor, and a more enjoyable experience, in my opinion.

To preface this review, I'm not the biggest fan of wintergreen.  It's not usually my thing.  I'll get a craving for it from time to time, but it's not a full time use for me.  When you open the can, this one has that straight up wintergreen smell.  You know the one I'm talking about.  It's bold, lightly sweet, and has a hint of smoke behind it.  There's a subtle earthy tobacco background, as well.  The pouches are plump, moist, and fill out the lip quite well.  They're soft, and have a subtle cooling sensation under the lip.  As noted above, I put my pouches in the upper lip for maximum enjoyment.  In the flavor profile, this one has an in your face wintergreen taste.  It's lightly sweet in nature, with a subtle tobacco background.  There's also a little wood taste, and a touch of smoke in the background.  In terms of nicotine strength, it feels to be about the regular, baseline.  The flavor lasts about 45-50 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

Again, keep in mind, I'm not someone who uses wintergreen full time.  But, this one wasn't too bad, honestly.  I rated it at 3.21/5.  I liked the tobacco base, I think it really added to the flavor profile.  Is it something I'm going to use full time?  No, probably not.  But, if you like wintergreen and want a discrete pouch format, this may be something you'd enjoy.


  1. Best pouches ever to me, been doing wintergreen pouches since 18, company I’ll never stop till my doctors say so


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