Dholakia Whisky Honey (Nasal Snuff) - Review. 23 March 2022.

With the snus market getting smaller the past few years (thanks to the rise of nicotine pouches), there haven't been a lot of new smokeless tobacco products for me to review.  That has led me to start adding nasal snuff reviews here to Snubie.com.  I've been using and enjoying nasal snuff for quite some time, and figured it was time to add these reviews here!  This is a product by Dholakia Tobacco in India.  From my earliest days of using snus, Dholakia has been one of my favorite nasal snuff makers.  I got this one from a friend of mine, and I don't really see any websites that sell it.  So, I don't have a flavor description for this one.  Basically, what I know is that I have two tins:  a square one that weighs 9 grams, and a round one at 25 grams.

I'm more partial to the round can myself.  It's easier to pop the top off and dive right into.  The smell that comes off of the tin is a present smell of whisky, with hints of honey.  It's semi-chocolatey with an earthy tobacco base.  It's moderately moist, and has a mid-fine grind.  In regard to the inhale/draw, I find this one to be pretty easy to take!  Once it gets in the nose, it's a pretty complex, enjoyable aroma.  There's a present whisky smell.  It's lightly chocolatey in nature.  The honey comes through in a smooth, natural way.  There's a subtle, lightly sweet tobacco base as well.  I don't get a major throat hit, but I do get just a slightly runny nose for a sec.  The nicotine hit on this one is moderate, and not too strong.  As far as the longevity / after-aroma goes, I find the honey lingers about a bit, as does a little chocolate.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I was pleasantly surprised with this one and found myself to enjoy it!  Dholakia makes a pretty solid nasal snuff product, and this one is no exception.  I rated it at 3.42/5.  If you dig whisky, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with this nasal snuff.  I got it from a friend, and I haven't been able to find it for sale online so I'm not sure how to get it if you want to try it, but just keep your eyes peeled and perhaps an e-store will pick it up.