Volt Red Swirl (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 20 February 2022.

If you haven't heard of Volt, it's a new-ish line of nicotine pouches made by Swedish Match.  I've reviewed them all before, with the line having launched back in 2021.  The most recent one seemed to launch alongside this one:  Volt Mystic Blue.  That one had a blueberry/vanilla taste, while this one seems to have a strawberry/vanilla taste.  I bought this one from Snus24.com, but I'm going to share the flavor description from the Swedish Match e-store (I like the way they word it):  "Red Swirl has takes you back to all the sunny summer days with flavors of strawberry, vanilla and green tones of cool mint. An uncomplicated and fresh taste that is easy to like and is always in a good mood".  Each can weighs 14.7 grams, and has 21 portions, for 0.7 grams each.  The nicotine content is 4mg/portion according to the bottom of the can, which would be around 5.71mg/g in total (0.571%).

When you open the can, this one has a pretty pleasant and enjoyable aroma.  It seems to be more of a summer presence, to me.  It's a sweeter strawberry smell, along with some light hints of vanilla.  It's mostly strawberry, however.  The portions are soft, and semi-moist, with a nice fit in the upper lip.  In terms of flavor, it caught me off guard; I found myself enjoying this one more than most nicotine pouches.  The strawberry flavor is smooth, and sweet in nature.  I pick up a little vanilla in the background, but it doesn't overtake the strawberry flavor.  In terms of strength, yes, 4mg/portion is lighter.  So, you'll notice it feels pretty light.  The flavor seems to last about 40-50 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I'm not really a nicotine pouch user, but I did find myself enjoying this one.  I rated it at 3.42/5.  I think people who use nicotine pouches are going to enjoy this one.  The strawberry taste is quite good, and the vanilla is a nice mix for this one.  The other one that launched with this one, Volt Mystic Blue (blueberry/vanilla), I rated at 3.33/5.  So, in the end I enjoyed this one more.  So, depending on what you want, blueberry/vanilla or strawberry/vanilla, I think you'll be able to find a taste that you'll enjoy with these new Volt offerings!

Volt Nicotine Pouches are available from SnusDirect.com.