Grinds Coffee Pouches: Sweet Mint - Review. 5 February 2022.

I'm not a big coffee drinker.  I never have been.  But I enjoy coffee flavored things, like coffee pouches.  I know, it doesn't make any sense.  I've reviewed a lot of Grinds Coffee Pouches in the past, and today I'm checking out a new addition to their family:  Grinds Sweet Mint.  This is how Grinds describes this one:  "Sweet Mint is a product of nearly a year's worth of customer feedback.  We believe we have found you the perfect mint flavor".  This one also comes in their moisture locked dry pouch.  If you haven't had one, they say it "maintains its flavor longer and leaves your fingertips clean".  Each can weighs 18 grams and has 18 pouches for 1 gram each.  This one is one in their 2X Caffeine series, meaning it packs 50mg/pouch, twice the usual amount of a Grinds pouch!

When you open the can, a smooth, sweet mint aroma greets you.  Underscoring the aroma are hints of rich, dark coffee.  The pouches aren't super moist, but they are comfortable in the lip and come with a quick flavor release.  There's also a light cooling sensation in the lip, due to the mint flavor.  The flavor is quite nice; this is probably the best tasting mint Grinds I've had so far.  It's a smooth mint, but on the sweeter side.  It's not overly sweet, and it mixes really well with the rich coffee base.  It's a pretty pleasant, refreshing, enjoyable taste.  The caffeine content packs a solid kick.  The 2x kick definitely has a nice feeling to it, it's like drinking a Mountain Dew first thing in the morning.  The flavor also lasts quite a well, a little over an hour due to the new pouch format.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I think this is the highest I've rated a mint Grinds product.  I gave this one a 3.8/5, which is pretty high for a mint product.  I've had their Grinds Peppermint and their Grinds Spearmint, but like I said before, this is the best tasting mint Grinds product I've had so far.  If you're a mint lover and you enjoy Grinds, I think you'll enjoy this one.