Cannadips Clean Peach (CBD Pouches) - Review. 24 February 2022.

The folks at Cannadips have been releasing some pretty intriguing flavors lately, including the recently released Palmie, which has the popular flavor Arnold Palmer.  Today, we're checking out a new release in what's being called "The Case Collection".  I'm assuming named after Cannadips co-founder Case Mandel.  If you're not familiar, we did an interview with him for the 2020 Snus Con, and were also granted an exclusive, behind the scenes look at their facility!  For this new flavor, this is how they describe it:  "Bursting with Southern Vanilla and Sweet Peach.  Limited Run - so stock up while the Peaches are ripe".  Each can weighs in at 8.25 grams and has 15 pouches, for 0.55 grams each.  The CBD content is said to be 10mg per pouch.

When you open the can, you'll notice a ripe, juicy aroma of peach.  Behind it, a smooth, present vanilla tone comes through.  The pouch is like other Cannadips pouches:  lighter in weight, and sightly dry.  Once it gets moist in the lip, it gets more comfortable, and the flavor releases gradually over time.  In the flavor profile, it's quite good, and very tasty.  I pick up a nice, present mix of peach and vanilla.  The peach is juicy, fresh, and natural.  The vanilla comes through in a sweet, smooth way.  The flavor lasts well over an hour, something I commonly observe with Cannadips products.  The CBD effect is satisfactory, which I notice to be common of the Cannadips line.  

Rating and Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed the taste of this one.  Peach is honestly not a common flavor in my circle (snus, mostly), so anytime I encounter a peach product I get rather intrigued.  I rated this one at 4.38/5.  I'm not sure if it's a limited edition, but I do see myself buying more to throw in the freezer for the summer.  I think this is going to be a great taste for when the weather warms up!

Also, if you want to try their stuff, they gave us a discount code you all can use.  Cannadips has recently dropped in price to $9.99 a can, but if you use our promo code you can actually get it for $8.49 a can.  They also have various sample packages you can get, which are usually cheaper in price, as well.

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