Knox Xtra Stark (Original Portion) - Review. 31 January 2022.

I reviewed Knox Xtra Stark White Portion back in 2019.  I was surprised at the time that it only launched in a white portion.  Fast forward to now, two years later, and Skruf has fixed that and released Knox Xtra Stark Original Portion.  Knox is quite a popular brand, consistently ranked as one of the most popular in Sweden.  It's a budget option (in some places) for those looking for a cheaper alternative to the traditional flavor profile.  The product description for this one says, "A present tobacco taste with hints of bergamot".  Each can weighs 21.6 grams and has 24 portions, for 0.9g portions.  The nicotine content is 24mg/g (2.4%), or 21.6mg/portion.

I've you've had Knox before, this one is pretty similar to that one.  However, the tobacco base on this one seems to be a bit more rich.  I'm not sure if they used a different tobacco to make this one stronger, but it does have a great taste to it.  When you open the can, there is a dark tobacco aroma.  It is earthy, and slightly leathery in nature.  There's a light floral sweetness, along with tart hints of bergamot.  The portions are moist, plump, and comfortable in the lip with a quick release of flavor.  The tobacco base on this one comes through clearly; it's a dark, earthy, rich tobacco base.  I pick up tart hints of bergamot, along with a lightly sweet floral presence.  The nicotine feels to be at the extra strong level, and the flavor lasts about 45-50 minutes, on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I rated this one at 3.25/5.  It's a little stronger than I usually prefer, which caused a hit on the nicotine rating for me.  But all in all, it's a well rounded snus.  I think for people who like Knox but want something stronger, they'll really enjoy this one.  I'm more of a General or LD guy, but I know Knox has a pretty loyal following in Sweden, so if you're in that camp, you'll probably enjoy this one!