Bridge (Nicotine Pouches) - Review. 25 October 2021.

I don't really review a lot of nicotine pouches here anymore, mainly because we're a snus focused website.  I'm more of a snus guy myself, but I know how popular nicotine pouches are.  So, if one catches my eye that I find interesting, I'll do a review of it.  This is one I recently noticed on Instagram, and I liked the design so I wanted to do a review of it.  These are Bridge Nicotine Pouches, products sold for the US market.  Bridge comes in three flavors:  Citrus, Wintergreen, and Cool Mint.  And each flavor comes in three available strengths:  5mg/portion ("Slim Jane"), 10mg/portion ("Fat Jack"), and 15mg/portion ("Big Bertha").  The can contents are all the same, though:  10 grams, 20 pouches, 0.5 grams each.  In this review, I'll be covering the three different flavors, but first I want to cover what they have in common, so I don't get too redundant in my reviews.  

Portion/Mouthfeel - These are all slim nicotine pouches, with a soft feel and semi-moist in nature.
Flavor Longevity - The flavor lasts between 45-50 minutes, on average, for all three.
Nicotine Strength - I'll cover these below.

Nicotine Strengths:
5mg/portion ("Slim Jane") - These are a lighter strength, for those with lighters cravings.  To me, they feel a little below regular strength.
10mg/portion ("Fat Jack") - These are going to be a little stronger than the regular level, for those with more moderate cravings.
15mg/portion ("Big Bertha") - This is the highest strength version, for folks with more nicotine craving.  These feel firmly at the strong level.

Now, we'll talk about where they differ:  aroma and flavor.

Bridge Nicotine Pouches: Wintergreen

Flavor Description:  "For those who prefer the traditional, yet subtle, taste of menthol with their nicotine. Pop a pouch for the recognizable freshness of wintergreen."

Review:  This one is different from the average wintergreen to me.  It's a more complex, unique wintergreen.  In the aroma, I pick up a deep, rich character of wintergreen.  There's some herbal notes, and a subtle mint.  It seems to have a root beer-esque character.  In the flavor, the wintergreen taste is there but it's not in your face.  It's more of a deep, rich, complex wintergreen.  It's herbal in nature, lightly sweet, and with faint tones of mint.  It reminds me of a good root beer, honestly.

Bridge Nicotine Pouches: Mint

Flavor Description:  "Reinvigorate with the icy flavor of cool mint. Hits your mouth with a quick release of nicotine, as well as the uplifting and lingering taste of frosty mint."

Review:  This one has a pretty fresh aroma of peppermint.  It's not sharp, and comes across in a smooth way.  It is a little on the sweeter side.  In the lip, you get a nice cooling presence because of the mint character.  In the flavor, the mint is pretty refreshing.  It's not as sharp as other peppermints; this one is more smooth in nature.  It's also a little sweeter than the average mint.

Bridge Nicotine Pouches: Citrus

Flavor Description:  "A perfect balance of sweet and sour. Experience the near-instantaneous hit of nicotine, combined with a fresh burst of tangy citrus fruits, each time you pop a pouch."

Review:  This one has a present, tart aroma to it.  The citrus is definitely tangy, and reminds me of lemon.  It also has a very subtle sweetness to it.  In the flavor, the citrus base is quite tart.  It's mostly lemon, and has a really tangy character to it.  It is a little sweet, but it's not overdone, at all.  I also found this one to pair pretty well with a good IPA, just a little added pro-tip.

Rating and Final Thoughts

All in all, these were pretty solid products.  They aren't all dry and stiff like other US products.  The flavors are solid, there is a variety of strengths, and I dig the can designs.  The citrus and wintergreen ones came out on top for me, at 3.17/5.  The mint one right below at 3/5.  It's very rare that I rate a wintergreen variant as high as a citrus one, but this one has such a unique character that it earned a higher than average rating for me.  It's probably the most unique wintergreen I've had yet.  If you're a US nicotine pouch consumer looking to try something out, I'll put a link to their website below!

NOTE:  This product available at!