General Harvest Snus - Preview. 9 September 2021.

In a world dominated by nicotine pouches, it gives me hope to see new tobacco products coming out.  Swedish Match is about to release a new snus, and a special one at that:  General Harvest!  The name makes me think of an old favorite of mine:  General Green Harvest, an ecological snus made by my friend Conny Andersson.  To make this one, Swedish Match used air-dried/dark air cured tobacco from Southern Brazil.  The intention was to give a special character to the snus.  The product has no added aromas or flavors, and is simply focused on the tobacco.  That alone is incredible, because the last snus I can think of that did that was V2's Thunder 10 product.  The notes you’ll notice in the flavor profile are dried fruit, cocoa, hay, and hardwood, along with a complex bitter taste.  It is set to come in two portions:  original and white.  

As far as when you can get it, and where, Swedish Match's stores in Sweden will have it starting tomorrow, September 10th.  After that, it looks like everywhere else will have it beginning September 27th, 2021.  I've already heard from one e-store shipping to the US that has said they will have it, so if you're in the US it looks like you'll be able to get this one as well.  

Here's their full press release:

"New fine snus in a limited edition! General® launches General® Harvest

General®, one of Sweden's most traditional and popular snus brands, is now launching a new product in a limited edition. General® Harvest draws inspiration from the history of snus and with the product, General® wants to highlight the craftsmanship and flavors that form the basis of such a strong Swedish snus tradition.

The Swedish snus tradition stretches far back in time, several hundred years ago, and stood on the same foundation then as snus does today; tobacco, salt and water. Since then, snus has developed at a furious pace with hundreds of products and different flavors. With the limited edition of the new General® Harvest, General® has returned to the heart of snus, tobacco, and presents a traditional, artisanal premium snus.

General® Harvest is a snuff close to tobacco for the true snus lover who chooses his snus with care and wants a snus of the highest quality. In the product, we have approached the real origin of snus, where the basic ingredients tobacco, salt and water have given all the taste to the product, says Linda Nordebäck, Marketing Manager at Swedish Match.

General® Harvest is made from carefully selected air-dried raw tobacco, so-called Dark Air Cured, from southern Brazil. The raw tobacco gives a special character to the snus and an aroma with hints of dried fruit, cocoa and hay. The product contains no added aromas or spices, instead it is the base ingredients that are the flavor carrier.

Many snus products today have added flavors or spices, with General® Harvest we let the tobacco stand for the taste. Then the choice of raw tobacco becomes decisive, just as different grapes put the stamp on a wine. The tobacco we have chosen gives a rich aroma of hardwood, cocoa and dried fruit with a pleasant bitter and complex taste, Linda Nordebäck continues.

General® Harvest comes in two versions, General® Harvest Original portion and General® Harvest White portion, where General® Harvest Original is moist on the surface for a quick and powerful taste and nicotine release while White portion is dry on the surface for low flow and a lasting taste and nicotine release.

General® Harvest is available at and in Swedish Match's own stores in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Lund and Strömstad from 10 September and in selected tobacco stores, petrol stations, 7Eleven, Pressbyrån and Ica retailers from week 39. The product has a recommended price at SEK 50 per can."


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