Thunder Nicotine Pouches: Apple Mint - Review. 21 July 2021.

The folks at V2 Tobacco, now owned by Swedish Match, have released some nicotine pouches in their popular Thunder range!  I found them at SnusExpress' EU store and a friend helped me acquire them for review.  It was also brought to my attention that just added these, so international/US consumers can order them from there.  These are the first nicotine pouches in the Thunder series, and many of them have common counterparts in the Volt or Zyn series.  While these are made in Denmark at V2 (Swedish Match Denmark), I've been surprised to see their quality is on par and almost identical to the Volt/Zyn counterparts!  This one, for example, has counterparts in both series:  Volt Frosted Apple and Zyn Apple Mint!  

Flavor Description:  "A fresh mint-apple flavor".
Can Contents:  16.8 grams, 21 portions, 0.8g each
Nicotine Strength:  13mg/pouch, which is 16.25mg/g in total due to the 0.8g portions.

I like the apple mint flavor, honestly.  I use the G4 version from time to time, so this one I was pretty curious to try out.  I usually don't like mixing mint and other flavors together, but it works with this one.  When you open the can, a fresh green apple smell comes through along with a hint of mint.  The pouches are like the regular Zyn pouches.  They're moderately moist, pretty soft and comfortable in the lip, and come with a light cooling presence when you put one in.  The flavor of green apple is the most present component, and a subtle hint of mint comes through in the background is a nice compliment.  In terms of strength, it feels about the strong level.  I find the flavor, on average, lasts about 40-45 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

This one I rated at 3.33/5.  Honestly, it's not much different from Volt or Zyn's apple/mint flavors.  I didn't notice this one to be as sweet as I recall from the Zyn/Volt versions, but it may just be because I hadn't had them in a while.  But, it's a pretty nice flavor.  For some reason, mixing apple and mint actually works pretty well.  All in all, a pretty solid nicotine pouch.  I'm not really sure who to recommend them to, but I guess if you liked the Zyn/Volt versions and want to try something new, these are out there.