Orangeman Nicotine Pouches - Review. 18 May 2021.

I was recently browsing the Instagram (as the kids say), and stumbled across a new nicotine pouch manufacturer called Orangeman. According to their website, their "all-white nicotine pouches are carefully developed in Sweden". As far as the origin of the name, I couldn't tell you. It made me think of one thing, and I had a little laugh, but I'm sure it isn't related to that. The Orangeman line comes with a variety of interesting flavors, and we'll be covering six of them in this review. They all come in a 14 gram can. I counted 20-22 portions on average in each can, and weighed them out at 0.64 grams each.  In terms of what they have in common, really portion and flavor longevity is about it.  They all are slim fit, with a soft portion material.  In terms of flavor, they all seem to hover around 40-45 minutes.  But, that's where the similarities in.  To learn more about them, let's get into the reviews!

Orangeman Nicotine Pouches:  Mint & Polka
Flavor Description:  "A sweet and refreshing combination of mint and polka"
Nicotine Strength:  8mg/g (0.8%) / 5.12mg/portion
Review:  If you're not familiar with "polka", don't feel bad, I wasn't either.  According to Wikipedia, it's a Swedish stick candy that is white and red, with a peppermint flavor.  In the aroma, I pick up a sweet, but sharp aroma of peppermint.  I also get a light cooling sensation in the lip with this one.  In the flavor, the peppermint taste is pretty smooth.  It's a little sweet, but not overly sweet.  In terms of strength, it feels around regular, maybe a little less.  

Orangeman Nicotine Pouches:  Menthol & Eucalyptus
Flavor Description:  "A balanced combination of menthol and eucalyptus"
Nicotine Strength:  16mg/g (1.6%) / 10.24mg/portion
Review:  In the aroma of this one, it's a pretty present aroma of menthol.  It has a light sweetness to it, as well.  In the lip, I get a nice cooling sensation, as well.  In the flavor, it's a pretty mild, gentle taste of menthol.  It has a light amount of sweetness to it, but not overdone in any sense.  In terms of strength, it feels to be about the strong level.

Orangeman Nicotine Pouches:  Menthol Crush
Flavor Description:  "A refreshing experience of menthol"
Nicotine Strength:  16mg/g (1.6%) / 10.24mg/portion
Review:  In this one, I pick up a mild, balanced aroma of mint and menthol.  In the lip, I encounter a subtle cooling presence, as well.  The flavor isn't too bad.  Usually I don't dig menthol, but the mint balances this one out pretty well.  It's a gentle flavor, with a refreshing nature.  The mint and menthol seem to play well together, and are about evenly balanced.  In the strength, it feels about the strong level.

Orangeman Nicotine Pouches:  Energy & Fruit Punch
Flavor Description:  "The perfect combination of energy drink and fruit"
Nicotine Strength:  8mg/g (0.8%) / 5.12mg/portion
Review:  In the aroma of this one, it smells like straight up energy drink.  It's got that tart/tangy presence to it, and the tart red berry aroma of an energy drink.  The flavor is pretty much the same:  energy drink.  Like the aroma, it's a tart, red berry taste.  It has that tangy component to it, like you'd get with an energy drink.  In terms of strength, it feels to be just a little below regular strength.

Orangeman Nicotine Pouches:  Arctic Tea
Flavor Description:  "A combination of mint and Earl Grey tea"
Nicotine Strength:  8mg/g (0.8%) / 5.12mg/portion
Review:  I was impressed with the aroma of this one: it actually smells like Earl Grey tea!  I picked up a tart bergamot and a touch of pepper.  I honestly didn't notice mint with this one.  In the flavor, I picked ups. Subtle cooling presence in the lip and flavor, but it's not minty.  The Earl Grey tea taste is dead on though.  It has a tart taste of bergamot along with subtle tones of pepper in the background.  In terms of strength, it feels a little below regular strength.

Orangeman Nicotine Pouches:  Apple & Wintergreen
Flavor Description:  "The unexpected combination of apple and wintergreen"
Nicotine Strength:  16mg/g (1.6%) / 10.24mg/portion
Review:  Not being the biggest fan of wintergreen, I was curious about this one.  This is a flavor no one has mixed before!  In the aroma, it is wintergreen-forward, but milder in nature with a light sweetness.  I also pick up a mild apple character in the background.  In terms of flavor, it's impressive, and very well balanced.  The wintergreen isn't too strong, and it's balanced nicely with a natural apple taste in the background.  In terms of strength, it feels to hover around the strong level.  I was pretty impressed with this one.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I was pretty impressed with these products.  When a company starts out, their first products are usually hit and miss.  They can be great, or they can be awful.  But, this company seems to have done their research.  All of these were quality products.  Some, I enjoyed more than others.  Of all of these products, my favorites were Arctic Tea (3.5/5) and Apple & Wintergreen (3.17/5).  The Energy Drink one (3.08/5) wasn't too bad, but I don't really drink a lot of energy drinks.  There's a ton of mint products out there, but their Mint & Polka (3/5) stands out with it's more smooth approach to the peppermint taste.  I'm not the biggest menthol user, so those rated lower, Menthol Crush came in at 2.83/5 and Menthol & Eucalyptus came in at 2.67/5.  Of all of these though, I would suggest Arctic Tea and Apple & Wintergreen.  All of them are solid, but those two were incredibly unique and well worth checking out.


  1. Hi! Thank you for this nice review. I found Orangeman in a German store, are this the same pouches or is there a difference with the once inside the European Union?


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