SwedSnus Premium Special 300 (DIY Snus) Slim Portion - Review. 2 March 2021.

Today, we're going to be talking about another product from SnusRoom.com:  SwedSnus Premium Original 300 (White Semi-Dry Portion).  SnusRoom.com is a new e-store that sells the bulk snus / DIY snus to the US.  I've seen SwedSnus for years on Snusbolaget, so it's nice that we finally have access to it!  I've reviewed some other of their products already:  Premium Original 300 (Large Portion)Premium Special 1000 (Large Portion)Premium Spacemint 300 (Large Portion), and their Premium Express Loose.  This is a portion bag that contains 300 portions.  Their products are a great way to save money, because this bag cost only $26.90.  According to their website, that yields 15 cans, at around $1.79 a can.  You can't beat that price!  Also, it's a great way to save the earth, because you're not throwing away a bunch of cans.  You can simply buy one of their refill cans, or, hint hint, an awesome Snubie Can.  In this review, I'm using their "Don't Touch My Snus" can, because it's got a cool design on it.  When it comes to this snus, their flavor description says, "Classic tobacco with bergamot oil and mild tone of smokiness."

The Contents
The pouches come in the white/semi-dry format.  You can use them as is, or you can add moisture to them to make original portions.  As they come, though, the bag weighs in at 195 grams.  There's 300 portion in the bag, at 0.65g each.  The nicotine strength clocks in at 11mg/g (1.1%), which breaks down to 7.15mg/portion, or, regular strength.

Adding Moisture
I won't go too in-depth in this review, but what I did was a short little "how to" video that shows you how to do it.  But, basically, I like to get to a 45% moisture amount.  For that, I use 0.16ml of water per portion.  If you wanted to go to 50% just up that to 0.22ml of water per portion.  I find 45% to be best, so I stick with that.  If you wanted to do the whole bag, that's 48ml of water.    If you're in the US, that's 3.25 tablespoons, or a little less than 1/4 cup (0.20 cup).  I never know who, or where, people are that read my articles, so I always try to cover as many of them as possible.  Now, let's get into the reviews!  First we'll review it as is, then review my version that I added moisture to.

SwedSnus Premium Original 300: Slim White Semi-Dry Portion

When you open the can, a traditional smell of snus greets you.  There's a light pepper smell, a mild/dark tobacco aroma, and a mild bergamot character.  The portions are slim, moderately soft, and dryer than the average white portion.  They are pretty comfortable in their lip, as well.  In the flavor it has an earthy base tobacco presence, along with a light pepper hint.  There's a subtle smokiness to it, along with a gentle taste of bergamot.  The nicotine feels about regular strength, and the flavor lasts about an hour on average.

SwedSnus Premium Original 300: Slim Original Portion

This one turned out great; the 45% moisture was right at the sweet spot!  In the aroma, it's more full.  I notice a present, earthy tobacco base.  There's a present smell of bergamot, and hints of pepper.  The pouches are moist, slim, and comfortable in the lip.  They're soft, and have a quick release of flavor.  The flavor is pretty rich.  The tobacco flavor is earthy, and dark, and of a peppery nature.  There's also a nice, tart bergamot taste to it.  In terms of nicotine, it feels about regular, and the flavor lasts about 45 minutes on average.

Rating and Final Thoughts
If you like traditional snus, you'll dig this one.  I rated the original portion version I made at 3.83/5, and the white semi-dry version came in at 3.75/5.  It's a pretty solid product for the price.  If you like General, and other traditional snus products but want to save some money, these are a good option.

Buy Them:  You can purchase them from their website, SnusRoom.com.  Use code SNUSROOM15 and you get 15% off.  All orders over $149 ship free.