Grinds New Orleans Style (Coffee Pouches) - Review. 7 January 2021.

Ever since I first heard about this one I've been excited to try it.  In the Grinds series, it introduces some new features, including a dryer pouch, and a much higher caffeine content.  Grinds usually clocks in at 25mg per pouch, but this one actually clocks in at 60mg per pouch.  The can weighs 18g, and has 18 pouches, which is 1 gram each.  The description from Grinds about this one says, "New Orleans Style is a combination of strong black coffee, savory chicory root, and a light, sweet cream finish. Inspired by the legendary Café Du Monde in New Orleans, best known for its classic chicory coffee and powdered sugar covered beignets".  I love the city of New Orleans, I've had some fun there, so I was quite excited to try this new flavor!

If you're not familiar with Grinds, I'll explain.  Grinds does not contain any tobacco or nicotine.  It is actually a pouch containing coffee!  It's a great product for those who are looking to quit tobacco, however, you don't have to be a tobacco user to enjoy it.  Mrs. Snubie has never used tobacco but uses Grinds all the time because she likes to quit caffeine hit from it.  Grinds also contains Guarana, B-Vitamins and Taurine.  Grinds is a spit-free, and the saliva is safe to swallow.  They say you can spit with it, but you won't absorb as much energy.  Grinds advises that the best way to absorb the energy from the pouch is to actually swallow the saliva.

New moisture-locked 'dry' pouch

This release contains Grinds new "moisture-locked dry pouch".  Their description of it says:  "Our newly developed moisture-locked dry pouch maintains its flavor longer and leaves your fingertips clean!"  As you can see, the regular Grinds pouch (left), is quite moist, and can leave your fingers a little brown.  However, the one on the right is the new moisture-locked dry pouch.  As you can see, it is dryer on the outside, and doesn't leave any brown on your fingers when you touch it.  It also gives a longer lasting flavor experience with Grinds than the regular pouches do.  I found it to be much more enjoyable, personally.

When you open the can, a dark, black coffee aroma greets you.  It has a slight creaminess to it, along with interesting earthy/wooden notes.  The portions are moderately soft, semi-moist, and comfortable under the lip.  I noticed a milder drip, and a quick release of flavor.  The flavor is complex, but well rounded.  It's semi-smoky, rich in nature, and with a present taste of coffee.  It's earthy in nature, with a light sweetness and a creamy nature, and gentle hints of wood in the background.  In terms of the effect, this one has a solid caffeine kick, much stronger than regular Grinds!  The flavor lasts up to an hour, which is impressive, and longer than the usual 40-45 minutes I get from most Grinds pouches.

Rating and Final Thoughts

I was pretty impressed with this product.  The moisture-locked dry pouch yielded quite a few bonuses:  less stain on the fingers, a longer lasting flavor experience, and less drip.  The taste was complex, but well rounded, and I found it to be quite tasty.  The caffeine kick was also stronger than the regular Grinds, which I think caffeine junkies will really dig.  This one rated at 3.5/5 for me.  If you like the coffee pouch category, this is one you won't want to miss.  I really hope Grinds continues to make more pouches like this.  Especially, Pumpkin Spice.  Hint, hint, Grinds.  

If you want to try out their products, you can order from their website,, but they also have a store locator.  They have Grinds all over Arkansas, where I live, so it shouldn't be too hard to find locally, either!

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