24K (Raw and Diabas) - Reviews. 28 December 2020.

About this time last year, I reviewed 24K: Crystal, a product by AM Swedish.  AM Swedish is a relatively new company, and they also make Swag Nicotine Pouches and Niccoff Tobacco/Nicotine Free Pouches.    Today, I'm going to be reviewing their two newest additions: 24K Raw and 24K Diabas.  I saw this for sale on Snusbolaget for Sweden, but it also looks like SnusCENTRAL has also picked it up for the US.  24K RAW is a more traditional citrusy flavor of Swedish Snus, whereas 24K Diabas is more of a licorice flavor of snus.  Now, with all that being said, let's go ahead and get into the reviews and talk a little more about each of these products!

24K Raw (Extra Strong)

Flavor Description:  "Strong but well rounded and flavorful tobacco blend with traditional, spicy Swedish tobacco flavor and hints of bergamot and some saltiness."
Can Contents:  13 grams, 20 portions, 0.65g each
Nicotine Strength:  29mg/g (2.9%) / 18.85mg/portion

When you open the can, a bold, earthy tobacco aroma greets you along with hints of citrus, pepper, and leather.  The portions are pretty soft to the touch, with dryer contents and a lighter weight.  They are comfortable under the lip as well.  The flavor is pretty solid.  The tobacco flavor is present, rich, and has notes of leather and smoke.  In the background are subtle tones of citrus, and notes of pepper.  In terms of the nicotine kick, it does feel to be between the strong and extra strong level, and provides a solid kick.  The portions, with the dryer contents, yield a longer lasting flavor, as well.  I notice with these I can usually keep them in for a little over an hour!

24K Diabas (Extra Strong)

Flavor Description:  "24K Diabas White Dry Portion Snus has a balanced tobacco flavor and character highlighted with tones of anise and rounded off with subtle hints of herbs and grass."
Can Contents:  13 grams, 20 portions, 0.65g each
Nicotine Strength:  29mg/g (2.9%) / 18.85mg/portion
When you open the can, an earthy tobacco aroma greets you along with a presence of black licorice, and a grassy character.  The portions, like the last, are pretty soft, with dryer contents.  They're light in weight, but still pretty comfortable under the upper lip.  The flavor is pretty tasty.  There is a pretty present taste of black licorice.  The tobacco flavor is earthy, natural, and gentle in the background.  In the flavor, there is a hay/grassy like presence in the background, as well.  The nicotine strength on this one is also stronger, and feels to be just a little below the extra strong level.  I find the flavor lasts quite a while, due to the dryer pouch contents.  Usually I can enjoy the flavor of this one for a little over an hour!

Rating and Final Thoughts

Both of these were pretty solid product.  I rated 24K Raw at 3.5/5, and 24K Diabas at 3.38/5.  The two things I would improve that brought my score down were the portion and the nicotine.  I'm personally a fan of original portions, so I like a more moist portion.  I also try to stick to regular strength nicotine levels, so they're a little strong for me to use full time.  That being said, if you like a stronger product, these are definitely worth checking out.  They both have a great flavor, and a gorgeous can design!