V&You Nicotine Pouches: Berry - Review. 23 November 2020.

Today we're talking about another, you guessed it, nicotine pouch product. I know, it seems like that's all I review lately, but that seems to be what all the new products are right now. These are from a new company called V&You in the UK.  I recently reviewed their CBD Pouches, and today we're going to talk about their nicotine pouches.  The CBD pouches were called "&Chill".  These are called "&Boost" and "&Focus".  Probably named because of the nootropic effects of nicotine.  I actually recently did a video with Leo & Longevity on YouTube in which we talked about it, if you're interested in checking that out.

As far as this product goes, the flavor description says, "Juicy strawberry and raspberry with a touch of cassis".  Each can has 20 nicotine pouches.  The 2/4 strength one is 6mg/portion, and the 3/4 strength one is 10mg/portion.

I'm going to review these together, because they're basically the same thing other than the nicotine strength.  When you open the can, a fruity berry smell greets you; it reminds me of strawberry and raspberry.  The portions are slim, soft, and pretty comfortable under the lip.  There's a light burn when you put one in, and then a gentle cooling presence.  The flavor is fruity, natural, and not overly sweet.  It has a gentle strawberry character, and a light touch of raspberry.  In terms of strength, the 6mg one feels to be a little below regular strength, whereas the 10mg one feels to be a little above regular strength.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 40-50 minutes.

Rating and Final Thoughts

These rank at 3 out of 5 for me.  I averaged the nicotine ratings together, and you'll notice they're a little lower in ranking.  The rating is that way because one is less than regular strength and one is above regular strength, and regular strength is my preferred nicotine level.  In terms of overall rating, 3 may sound low, but for me, I don't really use nicotine pouches, so anything at a 3 or above is one I consider to be a good product.

If you use nicotine pouches and like fruity/berry flavors, you'll probably enjoy this one.  It's a pretty solid product, and it has a nice, fresh, fruity taste to it!