77 Nicotine Pouches: Classic Tobacco - Review. 7 October 2020.

Today, we're talking about a nicotine pouch product from 77 Pouches, a new company out of Poland.  With nicotine pouch companies seemingly popping up over night, and no industry quality/safety standards at this time, I'm hesitant to review products from outside of Sweden/Denmark.  But, I recently filmed an interview with 77 for Snus Con 2020, and I got to know about their product/quality/safety standards, and I feel comfortable using them and recommending them to people.  This flavor from them is the one I was most excited to try.  So many companies have attempted to make a nicotine pouch that tastes like tobacco (because nicotine pouches contain nicotine, but no actual tobacco), and no one has quite got it right just yet.  Honestly, I don't think anyone will because tobacco is such a unique flavor.  But, I was curious to try 77's take on this flavor!

The flavor description for this one says, "The classic tart taste of tobacco.  The aroma and richness of this flavor embodies a world of riddles. Velvet aftertaste and spicy notes will not leave indifferent connoisseurs of such tobacco combination."  Each can weighs 10g and has 20 portions, for 0.5g portions.  The nicotine strength is 20mg/g (2.0%), or 10mg/portion.  These are their strongest products to date, so it's nice to see they aren't pushing the levels and keeping these products at or below 20mg/g.

When I open the can, the aroma I notice is a roasted/toasty type of flavor.  I pick up clear notes of caramel, a nuttiness that reminds me of almond, and a light smokiness. The portions are light in weight, and moderately soft to the touch. They come in the slim size, and fit well under the lip.  The flavor is pretty nice.  It's a roasted type of flavor, like with a good coffee.  I pick up notes of caramel, with a light nutty type of presence to it.  There's a subtle smokiness to it, but it's not too heavy or unpleasant.  The nicotine strength on this one feels to be a little above regular strength, and I find the flavor to last about 30-40 minutes, on average.  But in terms of flavor, it was pretty tasty.  It's not an identical taste to tobacco, but it does have qualities to it that I notice in certain types of tobacco, so that was nice.  Of the ones I've had so far that are tobacco-flavored/tobacco-inspired, this is one of the better ones.

Packaging - 4/5 - A great looking, sleek design.
Aroma - 3/5 - A nice, roasted, caramel type of aroma.
Portion/Mouthfeel - 2.5/5 - A little light in weight, and moderately soft.
Flavor - 3/5 - While not a tobacco clone, the tobacco inspired flavors are enjoyable.  
Nicotine - 3/5 - A little above my preferred strength, regular strength.
Longevity - 3/5 - Flavor lasts about 30-40 minutes, so not a bad average.
Average - 3.08/5 - A pretty enjoyable nicotine pouch.  I applaud their approach to the tobacco flavor and found the components in the flavor profile to be pretty tasty.

Final Thoughts
I enjoyed this one.  It has a really nice flavor, and one I've been enjoying in the morning.  While not a clone of the tobacco flavor profile, it has components to it that I notice in tobacco.  No nicotine pouch will ever taste like tobacco, but this was a good approach and I did like the flavor.  If you're interested in checking them out, our friends at Snussie.com stock them!

77 Nicotine Pouches are available from SnusDirect.com.