Puck Spearing & Puck Icing Snus - Reviews. 9 August 2020.

The Puck brand is a new line from The Snus Factory. I saw it for sale on SnusCENTRAL.com, but I've never gotten around to reviewing it until now. The Puck brand seems to be a hybrid Swedish/Swiss product according to the description on their website: "We are committed to sourcing the finest, most mineral-rich and product-adapted spring water sources, rock salt mines, nicotine salt manufacturers and aroma houses that Switzerland has to offer. All key flavoring ingredients except tobacco are of Swiss origin. This is where Swedish tradition meets Swiss precision."  Puck has two different products - Spearing, an extra strong at 23mg/g, and Icing, an ultra strong at 45mg/g.  Also, as a hockey lover, I really dig these cans.

Puck Spearing (Extra Strong) White Portion

Flavor Description:  "PUCK SPEARING Extra Strong Portion Snus is a high nicotine spearmint flavored experience.  The spicy tobacco blend with pronounced notes of refreshing Swiss mint gives you a fresh and full-fledged nicotine kick to the face."
Can Contents:  16 grams, 20 portions, 0.8g portions
Nicotine:  23mg/g (2.3%), or 18.4mg/portion

When you open the can, the aroma is a smooth, but sharp smell of mint.  The portions are regular size, not slim, and feel moderately soft to the touch and under the lip.  There’s a light burn when you put one in, then that familiar cooling presence that comes along with mint snus.  The flavor is a smooth, refreshing mint taste.  It’s subdued, and appears to be a spearmint flavor.  It’s lightly sweet, and not overly so.  The nicotine level feels to be about the extra strong level, and the flavor lasts about an hour on average.

Puck Icing (Extra Strong) White Portion

Flavor Description:  "PUCK ICING Ultra Strong Black Portion Snus is said to be the strongest nicotine-kicking snus you can get!  Enjoy the world’s strongest tobacco blend, perfectly combined with the finest Swiss menthol and peppermint."  (NOTE:  I'm not sure why they call it black portion, because it's white portion snus).
Can Contents:  16 grams, 20 portions, 0.8g portions
Nicotine:  45mg/g (4.5%), or 36mg/portion

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a sharp, sweet smell of peppermint with a light touch of menthol.  The portions are slim in size, and moderately soft to the touch and under the lip.  There’s a light burn at first, which gives way to a nice cooling sensation.  The flavor is a pretty smooth taste.  The peppermint is mild, and lightly sweet.  In the background there are mild notes of menthol.  The nicotine level feels a little above extra strong, but it’s not head busting or anything.  That high level of 45mg/g may sound intimidating, but it doesn't hit as hard as a Siberia, for example.  The flavor, on average, lasts about 50-55 minutes.

For a company I literally have never heard of, I was pretty impressed with their products.  Obviously, I liked the extra strong more than the ultra strong, because I'm not a big high nicotine guy.  I look forward to seeing what comes of this company in the future.  Hopefully, some regular strength non-mint products!

Puck Icing is available at BuySnus.com.  (Use code SNUBIE10 for 10% off).

Puck Spearing is available at MySnus.com.