Bull Dog: Canvas (Extreme White Portion) - Review. 7 April 2020.

GN Tobacco has joined the white tobacco category, previously occupied solely by products like Swedish Match's G4 and Fiedler and Lundgren's Epok, with their new product line - Bull Dog!  GN Tobacco also makes nicotine pouches in their White Fox line, but this is slightly different.  It is all white like nicotine pouches, but it contains white tobacco.  I saw this for sale on SnusMe.com, so I recently got a few cans to try out.  The flavor description from the Odens Snus EU store says, "Bull Dog is a near “All White” product with just a minimum of tobacco.  Powerful but well rounded and flavorful blend with classic and spicy Swedish tobacco flavor – peppery and with hints of citrus/bergamot." Each can weighs 20 grams and has 20 portions, for 1g portions. The nicotine content is 22mg/g (2.2%), or 22mg/portion.

I do like to do a "cut test" anytime I encounter a new product, just to look at what's inside the pouch. To be clear, I don't know how GNT makes their all white snus. Traditionally, white tobacco products undergo a water-based cleansing process. I'm assuming that is the case with this one, but again, I don't know for sure. You can see the portion and the tobacco looks very similar to regular snus except it is, of course, all white. The bottom of the can lists tobacco as an ingredient, and not plant fiber (G4 has both), so I'm assuming this is solely tobacco inside the pouch.

This is one I've been very eager to try out. Mainly, because there isn't a "traditional Swedish Snus" flavored nicotine pouch or all white product with the citrus/pepper flavor. When you open the can, there is a peppery aroma, with light tones of citrus. The portions are nice and plump, and feel great under the lip! The flavor is pretty interesting. It has a spicy tobacco taste to it, along with peppery tones, and a light touch of citrus. It definitely has that traditional taste to it. It feels to be a little above the strong level in terms of nicotine, but not quite an extra strong. I find the flavor lasts about 45 minutes, on average!

I enjoyed this one, and kudos to GNT for making an all white product with the traditional snus flavor.  Those who like the all white category and want something with that classic taste may really enjoy this one!