General Omni Blue All White (Norway) - Review. 14 January 2020.

This is a really interesting review. Many of you may remember back in 2016 I reviewed General Omni, a hybrid product with a small share of tobacco. It was discontinued shortly thereafter, and that was the last I had heard of it. Well, I was browsing SnusLageret and saw it was still for sale in Norway.  Very surprising! The flavor description for this one says, "A clear and nice taste of peppermint". Each can has 20 portions in the can. The nicotine content is where it gets interesting. Each of these products is said to have "a new patented technology" which allows them to feel stronger than they are. Omni No1 Blue All White Extra Strong has a nicotine content of 6 mg/g but feels like a regular extra strong portion of 16 mg/g nicotine. Omni No2 Blue All White has a nicotine content of 3 mg/g but feels like a regular 8mg/g nicotine portion.

Here's a look inside the pouch from the last time I reviewed Omni. Omni is a little different from Zyn, and a little different from G4. Regarding what's inside the pouch, Swedish Match says "It is manufactured with a patented production technology, and the contents are made up of a mix of cellulose fibre, a smaller share of tobacco and food grade approved additives which are packed in all white pouches".  Regarding the "smaller share of tobacco", I'm assuming that's what the brown specks are.  It is dryer, so it looks similar to Zyn, except this one actually has a small amount of tobacco in it.

In Norway, snus cans come in this color, also known as Pantone 448 C, or 'opaque couché'. According to a survey, it is "the world's ugliest color". Also, cans in Norway have no graphics on them, they only have the name of the product. I personally like the cans and the color. I find the design simple, and minimalist. So their effort to make snus less attractive did not work on me.

General Omni has a light, gentle smell of peppermint with a mild sweetness. The portions remind me of Zyn portions; they're smaller, and quite dry to the touch. In the lip they're not super comfortable at first, but as they get more moist they do get more comfortable! There is a mild cooling sensation when you put a portion under the lip as well.  The flavor is a light, airy taste of peppermint with a mild sweetness to it.  It's relatively gentle, but pleasant.  The flavor on these lasts a good amount of time; usually up to about 50-55 minutes on average.  For the regular strength one (No2), the nicotine feels a little less strong than regular strength.  For the stronger one (No1), the nicotine level feels to be around the strong level.

I was surprised to see these still existed, so if you're in Norway and like the nicotine pouch/white tobacco/purified portion type of snus, check these out!