Oden's Cold (Extreme White Dry) - Review. 12 December 2019.

Review Updated:  5 May 2023

It's been a minute since I've had this one.  I think the last time was around 2019, so it's been about 4 years since I've sat down to talk about this one.  Oden's Cold Extreme White Dry is one of the most popular snus products out there, and quite possibly one of the most meme'd.  My friends on Reddit with get the C H E M I C A L reference.  But, you can't deny this one's popularity.  The flavor description on this one says, "An extremely strong White Dry portion snus from Oden’s with the popular Cold flavor of refreshing spearmint!".  Each can weighs in at 16 grams and has 20 portions, weighing 0.8g each.  The nicotine strength is 22mg/g, which breaks down to 17.6mg/portion.

I've had this one many, many times over the years so I notice that it's the same as last time I had it.  No changes in aroma, flavor, or product quality.  Opening the can, I encounter a smooth, gentle aroma of spearmint.  It's lightly sweet in nature, and mild in presence.  The portions are dry, and pretty soft to the touch.  Under the lip I find a comfortable mouthfeel, and a gentle cooling presence when I put a pouch in.  Being a white dry, the flavor develops more slowly than your standard white portion.  I pick up a gentle taste of spearmint.  It's relatively smooth, and has a light sweetness to it.  The nicotine strength on this one feels to be about the extra strong level, and packs a solid kick.  Also, being a white dry, you get a longer lasting flavor; with this one I can keep a pouch in for well over an hour!

Rating and Final Thoughts

It's not a bad snus.  I know it gets meme'd a lot, but it's decent for what it is.  I put it right at 3/5.  I think Oden's Double Mint product is a better mint in the GN Tobacco family, but this one isn't too bad.  If you like spearmint and want something with some kick to it, this one has a massive fan base so it's one you could jump into if this is your sort of thing!   

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