Kurbits Snus: Morgondagg (Slim Vit) - Review (Discontinued). 17 December 2019.

NOTE:  This product has been discontinued and is no longer for sale.

Kurbitssnus is a new snus manufacturer in Sweden that resulted in the meeting of an avid snus fan and an innovative entrepreneur. I recently reviewed their regular size portions products: Kurbitssnus FäbodsnusKurbitssnus MorgondaggKurbitssnus Soldat, and Kurbitssnus Soldat Vinter.  I was recently browsing SnusBolaget.se, and saw they had slim versions of these, so I figured I would do reviews of these versions, as well! When it comes to Morgondagg, the flavor description I was given for this one says "Summer, all around the year". Snusbolaget describes it by saying: "Flowers, sweetness, and licorice. The tobacco has been mixed and processed to feel light, appealing and fresh."  Each can weighs 14g and has 24 portions, for 0.58g portions. The nicotine content of this one is 14mg/g (1.4%), which breaks down to 8.12mg/portion.

Kurbits Snus gave me an extended description of this product I wanted to share, because it says a lot about how they approach snus, that it isn't just the flavor, it's the experience: "Seven different flowers under the pillow and the flag on the pole all night long. Midsummer eve. Summer months and the lightness that is significant for the Swedish summer. To have survived the rough fall and the cold winter and finally realise that the grass is turning green and life is returning to the overwhelming landscape. The freedom to be awake all night long and to share the summer with good friends. To walk on damp grass, barefoot with butterflies in your stomach. This feeling of pure happiness, the memories of expectations and youth that is connected with a day that can become anything. We can taste the cool of the night and the hopes of the day to come. The coolness of a morning that makes us come closer as friends and allows us to enjoy the summer together with the ones we love."

The aroma of this one is quite pleasant! There is a mild presence of black licorice, with a light floral hint that reminds me a lot of violet. The portions are a little dryer than the average white portion, but they aren't uncomfortable by any means. The flavor on this one is quite lovely and one of the best licorice products I've had to date. The black licorice flavor is present, natural, and not overly sweet. There is a light floral sweetness in the background which, again, reminds me of violet. There is also a very light tobacco character in the background as well. The nicotine level feels to be around regular strength, and I find the flavor lasts up to about an hour on average. I've only ever had one violet licorice snus before, Catch Collection: Violet Licorice, but this one is much tastier than that one!

If you like licorice products, this one is a must try.  The violet and licorice work quite well together and deliver a great experience!

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