NEW LD Vit and LD Vit Stark! 5 September 2019.

Nordic Snus AB has announced a new product, LD Vit Stark! Not only that, but they've also done a change to LD Vit. The new LD Vit Stark has a nicotine content of 14mg/g (stronger than their regular 10mg/g). This new LD Vit Stark is said to have a much softer portion, a change they also passed on to regular LD Vit.  These products, with the new changes, were made available on September 3rd, 2019.  As far as their press release goes, here is my best Google translation:

Premiere for new LD White Strong portion

One of the Swedes' favorite snuses just got a little better. And stronger. Nordic Snus is launching the new LD Vit Stark with a new softer bag material. In addition, the LD White portion gets an update as well. The latest addition to the product portfolio is, just as the name suggests, a stronger version of the popular LD White portion. The nicotine content has been jacked up from 10 mg / g to 14 mg / g, making it perfect for the snuser who likes when there is a little more nicotine.

"Last year we launched a strong version of LD Original Stark when we saw that higher nicotine content was required in our products. With autumn now underway, it is therefore perfect to show off in the coming autumn darkness with a white portion that looks exactly the same as before, but which is improved from every aspect", says Jacob Dahlbeck, Brand Manager at Nordic Snus.

In addition to the new strength, the moisture content of all white portions in LD's product portfolio has also been adjusted so that the portion delivers a smooth and long-lasting taste experience without drip when it lies under the lip. And as a bonus, the new Vit Stark portion is launched with a bag material that is even softer than before.

"We went back to the drawing board to see how we could take our white portions that our consumers love and make them even better. As for LD Vit, we are confident that our consumers will like the new improvements that take the product one step closer to perfection", concludes Jacob Dahlbeck.

New LD Vit Portion and LD Vit Stark will be available in stores and online from Tuesday, September 3.

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