G.3 Blue Mint Extra Strong (Slim White Dry) - Review. 30 June 2019.

Today, we're checking out a new product in the G.3 brand, G.3 Blue Mint Extra Strong Slim White Dry!  This is an interesting release, because it's a white dry version of their G3 Blue Mint Extra Strong (White Portion).  The flavor description of this one says "G.3 Blue Mint Slim Extra Strong Dry White has a mellow and spicy tobacco taste with distinct notes of peppermint, along with hints of cedar and cocoa". This one comes in a 16.6g can with 24 portions for 0.69g portions. The nicotine content is 26mg/g (2.6%), which breaks down to 17.94mg/portion.

 It is interesting to note that this one is stronger than the old G3 Blue Mint Extra Strong. That one had a nicotine content is 18mg/g or 1.8%, which breaks down to 12.45mg/portion.  Compared to the new one at 26mg/g and 17.94mg/portion.

The packages these come in when you get 5 cans says “NEW FORMULA - White Dry. This extra strong snus in a slim white dry format comes with a new formula making it 20% less runny.”  I talked to Swedish Match yesterday, because I was curious why this product was on their webstore but G3 Blue Mint Extra Strong (White Portion) was no longer listed.  Also, this product on their store now says "New Design", even though this is a brand new product.  Swedish Match informed me that this product would actually be replacing the white portion version.  So the G3 line now has a mint slim white dry extra strong version, but not a mint white extra strong version.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a sharp peppermint smell with a light sweetness to it. The portions are, of course, dryer than your average white portion. They're slim, and have a good fit in the lip. Even though they're a little dryer, they're not uncomfortable or anything. Being a mint product, you'll get a mild cooling presence when you put a portion in the lip.  The taste is a gentle, lightly sweet taste of peppermint.  It's a lot like the taste of the old G3 Blue Mint Extra Strong, but this one just seems a little more subdued and gentle.  The nicotine on this one definitely feels stronger than the old one.  I feel it within 5 minutes of putting it in my lip and it kicks hard.  Also, being a white dry product, I find the flavor lasts quite a long time; I've had these in for up to 1.5 hours!

If you like peppermint and want something really strong in a white dry format, give this one a try.  You may really enjoy it.

This product available at Snus.us!