Three New Lyft Products - Preview. 3 May 2019.

Fiedler and Lundgren are releasing three new products in the Lyft lineup, with familiar flavors depending on where you live.  These products come in Berry Frost, Tropic Breeze, and Winterchill.  Sorry for the quality of the images, I got these via email from a source and the quality wasn't the best.  But, I figured I would go ahead and write an article about them anyway.

Lyft Berry Frost

Back in February I reviewed Epok Berry Frost (Chew Bags), a product released in Denmark.  It had a lower nicotine strength, only 1/4 whereas most of their products are 2/4 (regular), or 3/4 (strong).  The flavor of those chew bags was said to be a "fresh berry flavor with notes of a fresh cooling mint."  In my review, I noted it tasted like a mix of blueberry and tropical fruit.  That version had tobacco in it, but this version does not.  This version is a nicotine pouch product, and I imagine the taste will be the same as the Epok product I tried.  This one also has a 1/4 nicotine strength.

Lyft Tropic Breeze

I reviewed the Epok Tropic Breeze product which is only available in Norway.  That is a snus product, and contains tobacco.  This one does not contain tobacco and is a nicotine pouch product.  The snus version was said to have "a taste consisting of mandarine, passionfruit and mango", and it had a 2/4 nicotine strength (regular strength).  I imagine this one will have the same taste and strength, but in a non-tobacco format.  In my review of the Tropic Breeze Snus, I noted it to have a "tangy, mildly sweet tropical fruit taste."  It reminded me of "a mix of guava and mango."

Lyft Winterchill

I reviewed the Epok Winterchill product not too long ago, and it was also a product only available in Norway and containing tobacco.  That one was a 4/4 nicotine strength (extra strong), which this one appears to be as well.  The flavor for that one was said to be "a fresh and powerful taste of wintergreen", which was pretty accurate.  It reminded me of Wintergreen Tic Tacs.  I imagine this one will taste the same, but it will not contain tobacco as it is a nicotine pouch product. This is the only extra strong product available in the Lyft lineup, as of the release of this product.  Now the Lyft line will go from 1/4 to 4/4 strength, so there will be something for everyone.  I didn't know there was a demand for nicotine pouches with a wintergreen flavor, but I guess that's what people are into.

I'm not sure when these products are releasing, but keep an eye on your favorite e-store, I'm sure they'll be available soon.