10 Year Anniversary Announcement! 11 April 2019.

This year is a big deal, is celebrating 10 years! May of 2019 will mark 10 years since I quit smoking and launched Since then, we have had millions of reads here, millions of views on YouTube, and have reached over 11,000 subscribers on YouTube! Every year, I like to do something to give back, and this year is no different!  So, what are we doing this year? Two exciting things!

Big Skruf Sale at

Our friends at are going to give a big discount on 5 Skruf products selected by you!  Go to this poll and vote on 5 products you'd like to see on sale.  For one week in May (beginning May 1st), you will be able to get 5 cans free when you buy a roll, or one roll free when you buy two rolls!  Manufacturers don't really do half off anymore like the old days, so this is a great deal!

Snubie Cherokee Rose Loose Snus

I am teaming up with my friends at to launch a new snus, this one inspired by my daughter, Cherokee.  She was the reason I quit smoking, so there would be no without her.  Her name comes from our Cherokee ancestry, and the Cherokee rose came to mind when creating a new snus.  It is flavored with Burley, Black Cavendish, and Perique tobacco that was soaked in the oil of Cherokee rose and aged in oak barrels.  The tobacco was finished with jasmine essence to provide a unique flavor!  It has a nicotine content of 10mg/g-15mg/g, so it isn't too strong, either.  This snus will be available to purchase in May!

Thanks for 10 great years, and I look forward to May!