Göteborgs Rapé No1 Slim White (Norway) - Review. 28 April 2019.

I technically reviewed this product back in 2017, but it had a different can design to it back then. Now that all the cans look like this in Norway, I figured I would do a revisit of this product. A friend of mine actually got this can for me from Snuslageret.no, as these cans aren't available to the US.  The flavor description for this product says it has a "light tobacco flavor with distinctive elements of lavender and juniper, as well as a hint of citrus".  It comes in a 16.8 gram can with 21 portions for 0.8g portions.  The nicotine content is 8.5mg/g (0.85%), or 6.8mg/portion.

Again, this is a product from Norway, that's why the cans look like this. In Norway, snus cans come in this color, also known as Pantone 448 C, or 'opaque couché'. According to a survey, it is "the world's ugliest color". Also, cans in Norway have no graphics on them, they only have the name of the product. I personally like the cans and the color. I find the design simple, and minimalist. So their effort to make snus less attractive did not work on me.

This is from a comparison I did the last time I reviewed this product.  Obviously, this was before this product (pictured left) was changed into the brown-ish colored can.  But for those familiar with the GR XRANGE product, this is exactly the same thing, just repackaged in the brown-ish colored can for the Norwegian market.  Same weight, same portion count, same nicotine strength.  Just a different name and a different can design.

This product, again, is the same as regular GR XRANGE. When you open the can, the aroma is a present smell of juniper with a light hint of lemon and a mix of herbal and floral notes.  The portions are slim, white, soft, and comfortable in the lip.  The flavor is very much that classic Göteborgs Rapé flavor!  The juniper taste is front and center and is the heavy hitter in the flavor profile.  Behind that is a very light hint of citrus, and then lightly sweet floral tones and an herbal character, as well.  The flavor lasts a solid amount of time; usually I can enjoy these for up to an hour, sometimes more.  The nicotine strength feels to be about the regular level, as well.

If you're in Norway and a fan of GR, this product is a no brainer.  If you like the XRANGE version, you'll be satisfied with this one!