08 August 2018

Chainsaw (Cold Dry White) Snus - Review. 8 August 2018.

First of all, to start off this review, this is a review of the new Chainsaw (Cold Dry White) Snus from V2 Tobacco. Not too long ago, I reviewed Chainsaw (Cold Dry White) Chew Bags. They look virtually identical when you look at the cans, but I want to preface this review by saying this is the snus version of Chainsaw, not the chew bag version. I also did a group review with Nash and Vogi at Snus Con 2018 of that chew bag product, if you want to check out that video. When it comes to this new snus version, the flavor description says, "Chainsaw Cold White dry Portion is a mint snus with a well-rounded minty flavor and a high nicotine level of 22 mg/g." This product comes in a 10.4 gram can with 13 portions for 0.8 gram portions. The nicotine content is 22mg/g (2.2%), which breaks down to 17.6mg/portion.  Also, a special shout out to my friend John who grabbed this for my from SnusCENTRAL.  I'm not due an order just yet but wanted to review it, so thanks for grabbing a can for me.

When you open the can, the aroma that greets you is a sharp, present, focused smell of peppermint. The portions are white dry, but still soft to the touch and feel comfortable in the lip. When you put one in the lip, you’ll notice a burn, which dies out after a while, and a nice cooling present as well. The taste is a sharp, focused peppermint taste and a mild menthol presence. The taste isn’t overly sweet, which I like. The nicotine kick is strong, and it hits quick. It feels firmly at that ultra strong level; I can’t keep this stuff in too long! I’ve been able to push a few portions past the 1 hour mark, but generally I have to take them out within 30 minutes because the nicotine is more strong than I’m used to.

If you like mint flavored products and want something really strong, this is something you should check out.  It doesn't have a lot of portions, but the price point is under $3.00 USD per can, so it about equals out, I suppose.

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