13 July 2018

Snubie: Blood Orange & Goji Berry (Lös) - Preview.

Today, I am excited to announce the release of a new Snubie branded product - Snubie: Blood Orange and Goji Berry, a product produced by Snus.biz. Not only that, but this is a lös only product! After the recent release of Snubie Brandy Alexander, a Snubie product produced by V2 Tobacco, a lot of people asked me for a lös Snubie product. The folks at Snus.biz produce products only in the lös format, so it seemed like a fitting match to work with them on this new release!

This snus contains a mixture of three tobaccos: Latakia, Virginia, and Burley. Latakia contributes a strong aroma/taste that is leathery, smoky, peppery, and has a hint of peat. Virginia contributes a light, sweet taste of tobacco. The Burley tobacco contributes a mild, soft, almost nutty taste.  The nicotine level is around 20mg/g and feels to be at the extra strong level.

The tobaccos are aged in old oak barrels from Massandra, which is a winery in Crimea. These barrels once stored wine that has been awarded high international awards.

This snus contains a flavor of Blood Orange & Goji Berry. For the Blood Orange taste, the premium Sanguinello was used, which is native to Spain and contributes a tangy and sweet citrus taste. Dried goji berries from China were used, which are grown on an organic farm. The goji berry contributes a slightly tart, slightly sweet fruit taste which is reminiscent of cranberry.

This snus uses a grind which is best described as “combo grinding”. Combo grinding is a mix of coarse grinding and fine grinding. This grind is very unique, and helps release flavors in a way different from traditional lös snus!  This product also comes with a full 50 grams of lös snus!

For this product, I wanted a simple, clean look to the can.  The real star of this snus is the tobacco inside the can, so after numerous rounds of designs, this was the design that was settled on for the final look.  It's a clean look, and it has a white label; as you know, I love white labels!  

This snus will be available to purchase soon from Snus.biz. To order, email hello@snus.biz.  You can pre-order now, or wait until it's on sale to order for delivery worldwide. Make sure and keep an eye on your spam box, as sometimes replies go to your spam box. The cost is 7.00 Euro, or $8.17 US per can.  They accept payment via PayPal, so you'll need a PayPal account to purchase.  This isn’t a cheap snus due to the quality of ingredients used; it is truly for the snus connoisseur who wants a premium tasting product!  This product has begun production, and I will announce the release date soon!


  1. God Bless you Chad! It looks like you have truly arrived at the pantheon of the snus Gods! After you did the Swedish Match Small Batch #2 review back in February, I was crying, knowing that I would likely never get to sample two of my favorite flavors together, SM's tobacco with blood orange. In fact, I have cringed in every subsequent review where you have made mention of the Small Batch #2. Now you've gone and done one better, combining the blood orange with what US dippers know is a superior cut, long cut, or I guess, "combo grind," in this case. Not sure about the Goji infusion but my guess it will compliment, rather than detract, from the taste. Holy... freaking... crap. Cannot wait to get my hands on this! Hope it's available in time to enjoy this summer as the fruit flavors should conjoin to make a great summer snus.

  2. Sounds freaking amazing Chad, I wish it was an original portion.Weirdly I came from American Grizzly, but loose in the upper lip just feels so off. Godspeed good sir.