02 July 2018

Oliver Twist Sunberry - Review. 2 July 2018.

I've never reviewed Oliver Twist before, but I got some from a friend at Snus Con 2018 and figured I'd give them a shot. Oliver Twist are chewing tobacco bits, made by the House of Oliver Twist in Denmark. They've been producing these since 1805. They've proven to be pretty popular, in fact, that Swedish Match purchased them in March 2018. I won't go too much into how these are made, but if you want, check out this video - it shows how they're made and it's really neat. In a 7 gram box of Oliver Twist you're going to find 30 pieces, or cuts. I counted 26 in this box.

Inside the box, this is what you will see.  Oliver Twist comes in a neat little vacuum sealed package.  This keeps the tobacco cuts fresh.  All you have to do is pull the little peel mark and boom, you're in.

As this is a snus blog, I would be remiss to not show a comparison between this stuff and a snus portion.  You can tell these are obviously much smaller than a snus portion.  A 7 gram can is said to have 30 of these, which means 0.23 grams each.  The website says these have a nicotine content of 5mg per cut, 0.06g of sugar per cut.  So, when I use these, I put in a few of these instead of using just one.

Oliver Twist describes this product by saying it has "a taste of blackcurrants". I was excited to hear about this one, because one of my favorite snus products of all time was Catch Black Currant White Long, a product by Swedish Match which was sadly discontinued.  If you're an American and aren't familiar with blackcurrant, that's okay. The US made blackcurrant illegal in the early 1900's, because it was a threat to the logging industry. Check out this article, it'll explain it further.  But in Europe, it's quite common.  Blackcurrant is a tart berry which is popular in jams and syrups.  The flavor of Blackcurrant reminds me of grape, but more earthy and tart.

These have a really nice aroma to them; a dark tobacco smell with a hint of blackcurrant.  In the lip, these are pretty soft and don't feel too odd or uncomfortable.  I know they suggest chewing these, but I never do; I just put 2-3 of them in my upper lip and let them sit there.  The taste of Oliver Twist Sunberry is really nice.  The blackcurrant taste is very present, and comes through a little tart, but accompanied by a mild sweetness.  The tobacco taste is right behind the blackcurrant and is dark, robust, and well-rounded.  I find the flavor of these to last quite a while; I've kept these in for well over an hour.  As far as the nicotine strength goes, when I put in two to three of these, I notice the nicotine strength to be comparable to a regular strength Swedish Snus portion.

If you want to try something different, these are definitely worth a try.  I love the taste!

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