06 July 2018

Nordic Spirit (True White) - Preview. 6 July 2018.

The tobacco-free nicotine pouch category seems to be growing more and more. Both in the dry format (such as Swedish Match's Zyn NT), and the moist format, such as the other Zyn and Skruf's new SuperWhite. Now, Nordic Snus AB, makers of LD and Nordic Storm, are entering this category with the new Nordic Spirit line! They say Nordic Spirit is “a brand new all-white alternative with naturally extracted nicotine and refreshing flavors, completely tobacco-free. The clean white slim portions are less runny yet feel soft due to the natural plant fiber and gum-base composition giving fullness to the pouches. You can choose from two fresh long-lasting sensations, crisp refreshing Mint and citrusy Bergamot Wildberry. All of this delivered to you in your own unique can with varied birch tree design emanating the true spirit of the Nordics.

These products come with a 13 gram can containing 20 slim portions, at 0.65 grams each. There is a nicotine content of 9mg/portion, which means the total nicotine content is probably around 13-14mg/g. The product contains plant fiber, natural gum-base, and nicotine.  You can see the pouches look very much like other all-white products and are very clean in appearance.  These products are in production and will be available soon!

Nordic Spirit: Bergamot Wildberry
Bergamot citrus with undertones of wild berries: Nordic Spirit True White Bergamot Wildberry combines classic and modern flavors in a new tobacco-free format. The citrus from the bergamot is complemented by notes of sweet and tangy wigdberry for a truly refreshing experience.

Nordic Spirit: Mint 
Peppermint, menthol, and licorice: Nordic Spirit True White Mint gives you our freshest experience so far. The right amount of crisp menthol, together with sweeter peppermint and a bit of salt from licorice gives a perfect balanced mint taste. True White Mint gives a brisk kick followed by a long-lasting stable nicotine delivery.

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